Half of the Tikrit police resume service after 7 months of "editing"
2015-11-18 23:06:21

| (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad shift the center of Tikrit six months after expelling daash to pass military convoys crossing, of the city on the road to the hot areas such as juvenile justice Peggy, Chinese and Western Samarra that remained active for the militants.

Those multiple military lacked coordination among themselves, words of officials in the province, with nothing in the city from the local police just over thousands of little besides the multiple formations of the army and the popular crowd.

In Tikrit, officials say that "mafia" took advantage of the chaos and revenge clan that prevailed after the liberation of the city in April. The city recorded two weeks only 7 cases of abduction, including well-known doctors.

Says Niyazi oglu, mp for the Salah al-Din in connection with (term), "local police in Tikrit was unable to control the area surrounded by towns and where terrorist activity".

Davutoglu noted the "existence of 1400 local policeman only in Tikrit, and 7,000 across Salahuddin province, the province has more than 14,000 policemen before falling last year".

He is a member of the parliamentary Security Committee to "Tikrit occurred between regions are still experiencing combat operations against daash is around the center of the city to pass to various military columns with lack of coordination of these pieces with each other".

Blame the House decision recent cases of kidnapping in Tikrit to "chaos and revenge clan", stressing that "the crowd and the army left the city and handed over security to the police".

The return of abducted Meanwhile revealed budianto, the Minister and former mp for the Salah al-Din in connection with (term), "7 abduction occurred in Tikrit two weeks including doctors and citizens and traders".

Al-jubouri recalled the "abduction of three famous doctors in Tikrit was found dead days after their disappearance except doctor joints Mezher al-Janabi, who edited one of the tribes in Diyala".

Former Minister confirms that "doubts the men one of the tribes of Diyala is shaded car enabled them to liberate kidnapped inside who appeared that doctor al-Janabi". Janabi had disappeared two weeks ago in front of his house in Central Tikrit flowers neighborhood after returning from the Hospital where he worked.

And follow that "one of the doctors named Mohamed Al-Attiyah soon kidnapped from the disappearance of al-Janabi and his body was found two days ago in the geothermal area near Baiji".

Salahuddin Governor confirms earlier saying "no ordinary citizen to kidnap doctors and up to an isolated area and tighten security". In a sign that those kidnappings may be used cars and identification cards belonging to the official or security.

And Al-Attiyah, a famous pediatrician in Tikrit was kidnapped soon after he left the hospital in the city on the Tigris.

The multiplicity of security agencies and Al-jubouri attributed the kidnappings to "multiplicity of security agencies and to mobilize the army and police in Tikrit and the multiplicity of names of armed groups, which may include hiding as well as poor coordination between multiple security authorities."

Ex-Minister calls b "form a joint operations room includes all security agencies to control the abductions began prohibiting doctors return to Tikrit, in addition to the displaced population".

Al-jubouri revealed about "tightening security forces in control of health centres and medical clinics near presence", likely "involvement of mafia moved to Tikrit because of security chaos by implementing the kidnappings".

Statistics obtained by the (term) to return 90% of the IDP Tikrit after the liberation of the city in April and replaced by Salah al-Din governorate in the introduction to the cities that witnessed the return of displaced persons by the Immigration Department.

He left about 24,000 family Tikrit after the city's occupation daash last year and returned after more than 20,000 families. Families also returned in the areas of science and Abu ajeel, role, with still-Ouja area south of Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam and known as the village of albu Nasir its free personal decision of the relatives of the former President.

And devastation in Tikrit, after the Edit was not due to military operations, it had destroyed several facilities notably daash bridge connecting the banks of the Tigris that vital chopping Tikrit into halves. In Tikrit, officials estimated the number of residential buildings damaged by 5% of the total.

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, after the liberation of the city, "people have looting in Tikrit", stressing that "the looting lasted 67 houses and 85 stores".

Who is responsible for kidnapping?

In turn, says Khaled jassam, a member of the Security Council Committee in Salahuddin province, that "the security situation in Tikrit under control".

Major stresses, and is a member of the sadrist movement in Tikrit, "abductions in Tikrit is usually used SUV and shaded", adding "they infiltrated among the crowd and other security forces".

Local administrator denies (range) "identification of abductees has clearly yet", noting "there is coordination between the security forces in the city", stressing that "the situation is not in danger".

For his part, reveals the tremendous, coordinated leadership clan, "arrest of a small group that claims allegiance to a faction called the crowd roots might be behind the kidnappings of Tikrit".

The enormous stresses, in connection with the (term), "group consists of 3 people and they don't they follow any crowd but they call it".

Clan leader adds that "the assets of the suspects who were arrested belonged to the city of Baghdad, Hilla, but dwelt in Tikrit for years".

And whether that small group fully responsible for kidnappings that occurred in Tikrit recently, he says colossal "enough for two or three people that vandalize security in Tikrit".