Relationship: the Council of Ministers will review the decision to distribute lands and launch economic loans soon

2015-11-18 21:26:19 |

Relationship: the Council of Ministers will review the decision to distribute lands and launch economic loans soon

(Voice of Iraq) Baghdad Director of Office of the Prime Minister, on Wednesday, the Cabinet will consider the decision of allocation and distribution of residential plots to address the housing crisis, as revealed near launch loans to ease unemployment in the country, Baghdad noted the continuing daily basic services despite lack of government expenditures.

Mahdi Al-allaq said in his speech at the celebration of the day of Shaheed monument in Baghdad in Baghdad, attended by day (range), that "Baghdad has zahera despite its conditions, however wanted the evil forces compromised and suffered like the rest of the other Iraq cities to destruction and decline over the decades because of wars and an embargo because of the war against the Organization (daash)".

The relationship, he said, that "there are development projects were planned in Baghdad to renew itself is beautiful as it requires great design and preparations have for years but the financial difficulties faced by Iraq both on lower oil prices or maintain required by the war against terrorism is largely restricted to rebuild Baghdad and rehabilitation services".

He said the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister that "the Government is keen to tackle the housing crisis in Baghdad and there are major housing projects started and completed signs clearly visible", stating that "the Cabinet is currently reconsidering the decisions of allocation and distribution of lands and the forthcoming fair system of Baghdad and other provinces".

And he revealed the relationship, "near launch loans to enterprises to ease unemployment and improve living standards for workers in the private sector", calling on citizens to "cooperate with the Baghdad working to serve Baghdad especially in winter as they can perform their duties".

For his part, said Amina allouch remembrance ceremony Baghdad, "Baghdad since constructed in the shape of a rounded city in 145 of the first Arab civilization was characterized by the geometry and outstanding planning and so have become since that time represent an attractive environment for scientists and writers and poets", noting that "the children of armed forces in all formations defending the sanctity of holy places and expect soon mortal victory over militants (daash) to be a wedding to Baghdad".

Veni, confirmed that "the Baghdad municipality employees save effort and valuable service to the City despite our suffering as a result of government expenditures, but our basic daily is still ongoing and will remain available on our municipality".

And Baghdad Amina allouch, denied Remembrance Sunday (9 August 2015), the distribution of plots for special grades staff and officials, while stressing the reconstruction of a transparent mechanism to distribute protected land in accordance with laws.

Iraq reportedly suffers a severe housing crisis in view of the increasing population, as measured by number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income from building their own housing units, because of the high cost of land and building materials.