The Kurdistan Islamic Movement stresses the need for the return of the territorial Parliament and reforms "real"

(Voice of Iraq) Erbil, the Kurdistan Islamic movement bloc stressed in the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, Wednesday, on the need for the return of the territory's Parliament Speaker Yusuf Mohammed and MDC Ministers to their reforms "real" in the region, "and warned of the dangerous situation in the region in the absence of crisis.

Block said in an interview for kladzi Xuan alsumaria news, that "small parties in Kurdistan trying rounds key political actors to address the crisis in Kurdistan", stating that "such attempts are ineffective so far".

Kladzi added that "meetings took place in the previous period were only compliments between political parties and failed to reach a definitive solution to the problems" and stressed "the need to normalize the situation and return Kurdistan Parliament and MDC Ministers to their functions".

Kladzi, stressed "the need for reforms in the region with the participation of academics and independent international experts away from political parties", pointing to "the need to start implementing reforms during a certain period of time".

He added that, "in the event of failure to carry out reforms, on the street that is moving and pressing for early elections", explaining that "the citizen has the right to choose a new Government because the main parties that formed the current Government could not take any steps".

He noted that "the situation in Kurdistan are moving towards risk because of internal problems, including the problems between Kurdistan and Baghdad and the financial and political crisis experienced by Kurdistan" and warned of "the dangerous situation in the absence of crisis afflicting Iraqi Kurdistan".

Kurdistan is witnessing a crisis against the backdrop of political and legal differences between the main political parties on the law of the Presidency of the Kurdistan region.

Kurdish security forces prevented Monday (October 12 2015), speaker of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region of Iraq Youssef Mohammed Sadeq, a change movement, from entering the provincial capital of Erbil, and honest it "a coup of legality".

Referred to as the Prime Minister nechirvan Barzani, Kurdistan, isolation (12 October 2015) four of his Cabinet Ministers of the change movement, "Goran" amid a political crisis mounting threaten to destabilize the region.

The KRG announced on 27 October 2015 the appointment of acting Ministers to fill the void in the ministries that were run by the MDC.