Abadi: emerge from the financial crisis sweeping the country stronger
Date: November 18, 2015

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-the Prime Minister said the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Al-Abadi said that "most terrorists are linked to the Baath party." and the library statement quoted Abadi as saying in his speech during the celebration by the martyrs Foundation to honor a group of elites and the competencies of the martyrs today: "we live another challenge is an extension of the previous challenge, the challenge of terrorism more than the terrorists linked to the Baath Party of henchmen that stage and we have information about them and there are studies confirms this." and that "the terrorist threat a year ago was threatens Baghdad Today we fight them in areas they conquered and achieved victories over them and have liberalized quite large spaces thanks to the sacrifices and the blood of the heroes of our armed forces and police, and mobilize people and Peshmerga tribesmen. "

He recalled Abadi that" there is a tremendous amount of requests I receive for volunteering and a number of fighting gangs terrorist currently daash inscribe in the crowd and fighting voluntarily, without charge, thus when call them volunteers because they are the most comprehensive of any denomination. "the Prime Minister said that" some people think that the death of martyr yard but Martyr which addresses the tyranny, injustice and terrorism survivor Khaled and appreciation day for martyrs is to commemorate the martyrs who sacrifice remained the country raised head "." we will emerge from the financial crisis sweeping the country stronger as we accomplish now to strengthen the economy and lack of dependence on oil and we are on the right path "and called" provincial councils to be liberated in their provinces and meetings, denied that it is holding meetings elsewhere since the issue mostly sons of Salahuddin province of The displaced returned conservative Council members that exist with their wallets. "