Zaidi: our vote on the budget is subject to an increase of the popular crowd allocations

BAGHDAD - scales News - MP for the entire state law Nasser al-Zaidi, on Wednesday, the coalition that the vote on the federal budget for 2016 is subject to an increase of the popular crowd and fairness as well as the southern provinces and increase allocations allocations.

He said al-Zaidi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of "increasing popular crowd allocations will accelerate the speed of liberating the land usurped from Daash which will reflect positively on the stability of the country and accelerate the achievement of development and economic growth sought by all the blocks to raise the rate of the citizens of Iraq."

He added that "the third demand for the rule of law in order to vote on and approve the budget is the clarity of the oil deal with the Kurdistan region and the transparency of its implementation" .anthy 29 / W 23