House finished reading the report and discuss budget
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Thread: House finished reading the report and discuss budget

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    House finished reading the report and discuss budget

    House finished reading the report and discuss budget

    the House of representatives ended its regular meeting held today under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim Al-Juburi, head of the Council in the presence of 233 deputies reading report and discussion of the federal budget for the year 2016, in addition to voting on the resolution required to follow the procedures for amending the law of national card and specifically article 26 II.
    At the outset of the session, Al-jubouri to take the Presidency in mind religious components of Congress County Council meetings to protest the article 26 of the law on the national card, expressing the Council's keenness to resume their components deputies with their colleagues in the Council. The Council voted on the resolution required its members to follow the procedures to amend the law on the national card, specifically article 26 II thereof in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, especially article 2, is consistent with authentic ingredients.
    Al-jubouri called deputies to hecklers components attend Council meetings to contribute to the basic and important paragraphs, stating that the Council will take the necessary steps to amend the law on the national card and work on all components of society the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.
    The Council postponed a vote on a bill submitted by the martyrs Foundation committees martyrs and victims and political prisoners, human rights and legal hearing next Thursday to address some controversial paragraphs.
    So Al-jubouri expressed the keenness of the Council on the completion of the draft laws, especially the law that counts people who gave their blood for their country and to secure stability. The Council concluded by reading the report and discussion of the draft law on the federal budget for the fiscal year 2016. And between the Committee's report that the total expenditure budget for 2016 (106) trillion dinars compared with $ (119) trillion dinars for the year 2015, i.e. a drop of 11%, indicating that next year's federal budget deficit (22.7) trillion dinars, equivalent (21%) Of the total expenditure.

    Meanwhile, Al-Juburi welcomed the presence of the Ministers of finance, oil, planning to discuss the report of the federal budget bill for 2016 to display the Government's vision.
    Hoshyar Zebari said the Finance Minister on the Government's commitment to provide budget 2016 schedule, adding that the Government had exceeded real concerns on the disabled state and failure to comply with its obligations to pay staff salaries and other entitlements.
    The Minister noted that the Government was able to reduce the deficit from 25% to 22%, adding to the intense meetings with international financial institutions including the International Monetary Fund, noting that the Council of Ministers would submit an amendment to the budget bill 2016 soon to reduce the deficit by issuing bonds.
    With Salman Al-jumaili, Planning Minister revealed the existence of an investment project implemented by 4012 provinces through balancing the development of the territories, in addition to the investment project implemented by 2726 ministries and Planning Minister drew attention to new projects not included on the public budget for the year 2016 Add delete and freeze some investment projects, announcing near ending receivables and resolving the topic of projects reluctant.
    In turn, the oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called to launch a campaign to encourage investment in oil and other sectors, as well as promote national investments to offset the shortfall in the budget and increase State revenues and the oil Minister predicted that oil production rates are for 2016 with about 3 million and 700,000 bpd, calling for amendments to the oil licenses being concluded at a time of high oil prices.

    And in the interventions of lawmakers on the budget law, tsalt mp only Talabani about the benefits of the peshmerga, especially that the readjustment was the same wording as in balance by 2015, and surprised the Attorney behind Abdulsamad ignore previous budgets for provincial benefits under law No. 21, calling for redress for the sons of Basra governorate in the cut pushed through Federal mp stressed me Amiri need to allocate financial support for arming the military build-up and war requirements.
    In reply to the interventions of the representatives, Finance Minister the Government's intention to amend the federal budget sent to Congress, stressing the existence of discussions with the International Monetary Fund and not downloads regarding salaries, or displaced, adding to the Government's commitment to farmers ' benefits.
    Oil Minister indicated that the Central Government suspended the share after the last stop of his commitment to hand over a share of oil production several months ago, declaring the Government's commitment to pay the territory be handed over 550 thousand barrels per day. The oil Minister added that licensing contracts 337 billion dollars achieved 36 billion dollars for the companies value extraction.
    The planning Minister has indicated that his Ministry is seeking to develop a five-year plan in the light of existing data

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