Central denies the disappearance of $ 10 billion and calls for investigating the pretext of the publication of such news


(Independent) ... the central bank denied the reports about the opening of an investigation the disappearance of $ 10 billion, while the student newspaper, which reported the story to investigate reasons of publishing such news.

The central bank said in a statement received by the (independent) on Tuesday that "the central bank briefed on the news published in the morning newspaper, on Monday, day on November 16, 2015 under the title (to investigate the disappearance of $ 10 billion from the central bank)," asserting that "the news untrue altogether. "

The statement added that "the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, the Iraqi media network contact and request an investigation into the matter of publication of this news," stressing the need to "envisage the authorities media accuracy and credibility in the dissemination of news, especially those published in the official media."

The official morning newspaper published on Monday, November 16, 2015 story that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi instructed to open an urgent investigation into the disappearance of $ 10 billion of central bank reserves under the previous government. (End)