Sabri: Prime Minister will launch a new reform package.

Our economy / Baghdad - A spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, on Tuesday, that there is a new package of reforms launched by the Prime Minister, will include restructuring and merging some ministries and the abolition of some circles, especially after the transfer of powers to the provinces.

The newborn: the long and thorny reforms program will address institutions, ministries and state bodies all of which will be subject to the diagnosis and scrutiny of its work to find a reform of the kinks and improve the functioning of financial and administrative and fighting corruption as well, "noting that" what emerged from the reforms in the previous period is the beginning of all long road and a complex of reforms.

He added that the next reform would apply to the infrastructure of state institutions will also be an integral and complementary to what was fired from the reforms, pointing out that "reform is not only through the pack or two packages, but for other packages will be announced later."

He newborn, that the ministerial and institutional limbering is necessary and important in this process, to pressure spending and address the sagging career.

He explained that the reform will be next in the restructuring of ministries and institutions, especially after the transfer of power to the many ministries to the provinces Maistojb restructuring of some ministries in the form that is best suited to the new situation in the division of powers with the provinces.

He newborn that length of time to launch new reforms have not yet been determined, there are committees made up of experts and specialists in the Prime Minister in charge of subjecting all ministries and institutions to very precise control program for the diagnosis place a bug where then raising them with periodic reports to the prime minister.