The Secretariat complain a few customizations in the 2016.0 budget. And the provincial Council affirms: uncommitted funds

He attributed the Baghdad provincial Council, on Monday, for the lack of adoption of a law to conflicts among different political blocs quotas. While he stressed that the funds allocated for the Council has not acted, including only a small proportion, Baghdad announced to her specifications reduced by 50% and stopped many projects.

He said Baghdad provincial Council decision Qasim hilarious, speaking for "the range", that "there are two main problems facing our business, one that customizations are insufficient, and the second problem is that these amounts are not provided with the local government, but given the destructive distillation of parts simple and therefore not receive local government and full customizations in Baghdad as a result of this, the more reluctant sttlka projects".

Farhan said that "2015 allocations were insufficient, which limits of 800 billion dinar, including 500 billion for conservation and 200 billion Secretariat", pointing out that "the year is about to expire and did not reach the amounts allocated to them within budget 2015, whether the Secretariat or to the province". Farhan noted that "the country's financial systems linked to centralized laws already, all money collected by the Secretariat would go to the Ministry of finance and then return them to the form customizations that call for the enactment of laws to allow local Government to behave tstkhselha funds through levies or other. 0" Council decision that "the Ministry of Finance within the ministries, which ytvetrd to join the province within 8 ministries, but the Ministry, which rejected the law in full any law No. 19 by combining ministries that relate Tax and real estate circles that are supposed to be within provincial or local government cadres. 0 "and continued" for law of capital despite recommendations by the provincial Council and held numerous meetings with the Council of Ministers after the formation of a Special Committee headed by the Chief Advisor and now the ball is in the Court of the Parliament. "

He noted that "the law in front of the House and never be read, and there are political conflicts around it because of quotas to the Secretariat of the Baghdad districts of enormous financial returns that conflict is about to be and how its powers and aaeditha. 0", spokesman Hakim Abdul Zahra in Baghdad, in an interview for "the range", that "the most important challenges faced in Baghdad over the past two years is the privatization, in 2014 we did not allocate any amount of investment budget or the budget of the regions development of The provincial Council and reduced the budget by 50% ".

He said "in 2015 we did repeatedly, from budget development territories only 7 billion dinars and this is not synonymous with solving the problem of 700 locality in Baghdad and investment budget did not have any operational budget amounts to around 20% compared to the previous year". He stressed that "the funds within the budget of the Secretariat through the municipal districts is not synonymous with a quarter of the actual need for the Chambers, thus our revenue to lanatmad ministries of planning and finance entirely".

The "Baghdad according to law No. 16 of the Constitution are the capital and thus to intervene within the territory, it is managed by a Secretary and 14 boundaries and conservative municipality yderalakdet and six aspects".

He said that "the Government and the Prime Minister suspended projects 2015 even if funding for any project, owing to financial constraints affecting the country".

The House of representatives, during a hearing Tuesday, the first reading of the budget bill 2016 bairdat estimated at over 83 trillion dinars against 106 trillion dinars, as compared to 22 trillion deficit.