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More than three months have passed on the event which happened in times of democracy is the peaceful popular demonstrations either in Baghdad or in other cities of Iraq and is calling for radical reforms to end all corruption cases and a demonstration that fester like a cancer in the body of Playboy unconscious all elements and resistance. More than three months, crowds angry people chanted the headers spoilers who looted Iraq and diverted its Treasury to the pod empty and the Supreme religious authority for all this time and support and calls on the Government headed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to take a series of actions and measures to restore State authority after it devastated thieves and eating haraam haraam wealth and missed until the country switched to the forest release and frolic where human wolves know to eat fresh meat. I've had the Iraqi Street is still boiling and it wants to deliver voice chants for concerned but clearly not shy of calling proved conclusive evidence and proof bright people in the Valley and the Government in another Valley.

I wonder is that governmental pyramid head doesnt want these reforms or weak unable to end in itself because the political and partisan pressures exerted against him for discouraging his quest and prevent access to targets and until this moment we want to answer our questions that panacea. And any employer asks him, of course we do that what we demand reforms penalize former Environment Minister Sargon Lazar only because he is a Christian and has no strong party and has no footnote or clan roaring for him to frightenOthers. Yes that rigorous imprisonment for a term of two years with the right stark example that the strike to affect young and not back them either adult whales understanding must we compliment them and pat ourselves on their shoulders and take their thoughts and apologize for what part of us towards them and then not held accountable and no they don't grieve that regrettable indeed that we hear every day about the formation of a Committee in respect of the subject matter or even allani DOE enlarged these committees and become a mountain but this mountain produced but did not generate only var And not only has no tricks failed share for the simple reason that our people become read (erased and is amfth baltisab and not with milk) as they say.

Yes the Government is demanding showdown people about their plans and procedures committees of procrastination are not only provides us with buzz and fanfare without flour. We stress the need to proceed in real reforms on the ground not existing on paper and we want to see adult whales and they are behind bars and to see our money stolen was public and that both stretched his hand was amputated vanities and hold both wanted to play a transsexual and the bereaved and moan all traitors of accounting daashein and Baathists who are holding conferences there or there to find a foothold, or those who are begging for White House positions are humiliating and shameful. Hope to see what we want. Hope that we achieved what we want.