An urgent letter to the speaker of the House. Serious challenges that threaten the fate of Iraq and the future generations, what are you doing?!

Is your sovereign authority his Iraq since the fall of the tyrant to this day from the hardships and challenges and difficulties and major transformations all of our people and our country after dear and precious blood pure and sons of the rich resources but we still face the challenges of defining other aggravated by the day and is threatening the fate of Iraq and the future generations.

Foremost among those challenges known or known unresolved Kurdish issue not apply democracy in Iraq and the administration of the territory with all its borders and independence from the Centre and it arrived because of not knowing what you want the leadership of the territory and Kurdish parties of futility of endless ambitions, resulting in the presence of authorities and two and two and two armies in one country, which has no counterpart in any other country in the world and even federalism in Kurdistan and established before the new system In Baghdad it is not like any other federal States.

The recent clashes between the crowd and the Turkmen citizens with Kurdish Peshmerga forces the result to those major dilemma» Kurdish question» that was overlooked for over 13 years with suspicious transactions so as to become snowball time elapses and intensify the fall challenges increasingly difficult and complicated even became the first dilemma in Iraq before any other dilemma, including the dilemma of terrorism aldaashi and regional intervention in Iraq.

You are welcome by any official in the Iraqi State to play an essential role by virtue of its location and the national prestige that you enjoy to defend the interests of the citizens of every nation, including the interests of the citizens of Iraq and Kurdistan people you find effective and decisive solution, whatever the final painful and difficult decisions, leaving the status quo Seoul outcome much harder than any solution reached national consensus on Iraq.

What we have witnessed bloody events in the great city of altos and the outstanding alabah of abuses and violations is a testament to what we went that the Kurdish issue is the mother of conflicts in Iraq.

We don't call and location of Iraqi citizenship and our ethical and moral to plunder a right that Iraq which the us command after the collapse of the dictatorship in fetish 9 April 2003 but we must not let any power or hand to become fierce and expanding at the expense of the ingredients and strong community and national interests.

Mr President, if we are unable to find appropriate solutions, we do not call for the use of armed force "and that he used state right, but there are solutions we execute her primarily refer to the United Nations where its representative in Baghdad to brief outline is, previous file, its implications and this is not something wrong with the role of the Iraqi Council of representatives if the Kurdish side considered a party to the conflict and this is not the first time and not the first case involving United Nations» Politically in resolving crises in many countries similar to Iraq.

The survival of the current situation is alarming explosion cannot control the outcome and what events touz khormato beginning sparks it alarm you must not we deem small or little would also deem small or little us on daash before the fall of Mosul and the (non-Muslim State Iraq) on an area of five Iraqi provinces and fear that turns those spark «if we resort to radical and decisive solution» introduction to break up national unity to entities to reattach them. Forewarned warned!.