Samurai: fight the corrupt are delivering reformers to power and authority

Iraq/Baghdad found the Secretary General of the Iraqi Islamic party, Ayad Al-Sammaraie,-"circular Pat phenomenon affects Iraqi society", and the fallout from the charges circulated to everyone (as we understand in the paper): "the injustice of elements loyal to the homeland and distortion of facts."

Samurai as the official tongue-information Office, expressed absolute conviction: "good elements in the theatre", and the headwaters of the Samurai's conviction, we read: "to Iraq that the whole world is home to change and leadership, with its human resources capacities and competencies, to exercise leadership again", either share the facts of field wemaishahdh the Iraqi citizen today, double with move the tongue: "the party's Secretary General, said that everyone agreed today on a bug, the challenges are huge, the degradation in the various Aspects of life ", about the treatment methods:" the face of all this in the first instance by the people through the ballot box, by choosing a worthy download Secretariat and reformer, fair and efficient, not re-election of proven failure or raised around it, as it gets today making people take responsibility for their survival ", and on philosophy and criticism of recourse, he advised Samurai:" the criticism alone does not change the reality, which is doing some media ", and Samurai lyrics jumped from criticism, exposure See regarding media performance: "there were three pictures of media performance, 1: excitation of sedition, II: Sciences of anesthesia which praises the Government's absolute, finally informed media that contributes to providing solutions, which manufactures public opinion change the destiny of the nation", and photograph existing media. According to estimates of the Samurai: "sorry find lack of purposeful information today, for circular and spitting" and found Secretary of the Islamic party, said that "journalists should be سفراءا for truth and builders for the State and society, by consolidating the information message Noble and sincere. "