Director General of Department of housing with a member of the Association of Iraqi economic ways of mutual cooperation

Iraq/Baghdad, met the Director General of the Department of housing of the Ministry of construction and housing, municipal and public works-anifa threshold, Member of governing body of Iraqi economists society, Director General of the Economic Department of the National Commission for investment-Akram Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Wahhab, for: "discuss ways of mutual cooperation between the Department of housing and the national investment Commission, supporting and stimulating the private sector, promote housing in Iraq, particularly the Minister of construction and housing, municipal and public works-Gibraltar sector include, may significantly boost investment", transferred Abboud of the circle More: "threshold that confirmed the priorities of the Department of housing is the upgrading of the urban reality of the country by increasing the number of residential complexes housing service implemented in all provinces, and that vital sector develops and supports the economic aspect in the country as well as advance reconstruction towards prosperity", we read also in the next: "threshold referred to a member of the Administrative Board of the Iraqi economists society-Akram Abdel-Aziz to the numbered Cabinet resolutions (347) and (340) and the recent housing excluded and housing projects of mechanisms and controls Payment term, but limited to interest other infrastructure. "