No broad amnesty covers everyone and everyone is not a narrow Amnesty excluded

Tariq Harb-legal expert as the Amnesty bill sent by the Government to Parliament a few months ago, was the subject of discussion on 14/11/2015, and postponed the debate to be presented to the heads of clusters, due to the big differences, the remainder of the first legislative term of the current second session, did not permit the enactment of the amnesty law, if we know that this chapter ends on 30/11/2015, and may not be extended even if for one day, in accordance with the provisions of article (57) of the Constitution, article (22) Procedure. Any remaining, no more than two weeks, long enough to approve the budget bill 2016, which necessitated the extension of the legislative term, so that the season ended on 31/10/2015, and was extended because of the budget law, and if the intention to legislate amnesty law, calling the expansion of amnesty, claiming narrow amnesty, to waive certain claims.

No extension to the amnesty, Amnesty a way to evade punishment on those who deserve it, and no narrowing of amnesty, pardon, a way to stand in front of a worth of amnesty, no exceptions are broad and not narrow exceptions, it cannot claim a retrial, as some believe, it leads to unacceptable expansion and Rokytovce in trial proceedings, particularly since the code Penal Code, the convicted person granted retrial when conditions.

The face of another, cannot just be judgement, in accordance with the law on combating terrorism a reason for non-inclusion of amnesty, as the list of terrorist offences contained in the Act are long and numerous and varied, for example, that paragraph (1) of article 3 of the anti-terrorism Act are considered terrorist offences, which comes out in any form of freedom of expression, and the first to include this case and other cases, that were governed under the terrorism Act, as long as it does not involve the crime of murder or wound or impairment Permaculture, Amnesty remains an indicator of status theory and it is not permissible to pardon the practical case for terrorism, of other effects that ensue as murder for example.

Which we have in preparing the Amnesty Act to move away from excessive or compromising, especially that the amnesty could be the most important foundations of national reconciliation which spend precious money and many also must note that the draft law on amnesty and restitution, the unacceptable example of article IX of the validity of the amnesty law on offences by force. Any offences prior to publication in the Official Gazette, in the sense that commits a crime now or during the discussion of the law or after enactment, until its publication in the Official Gazette is considered covered by the amnesty, this is unacceptable and glory: "don't speak up your onions and not tkhaft and order between a way."