Abadi: Lay has no right to close the files of corruption official
November 16
, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Abadi
said during a press conference after chaired meeting of the Higher Coordinating Committee of the provinces in Babylon today: that the Iraqi government can not back down on the transfer of powers to local governments file as passed by the House of Representatives, which was formed under which the Iraqi government, "stressing "I do not entitled to any government figure, even if the Prime Minister to close the files that relate to the issues of corruption."

He noted that "there are powers of the eight ministries will be transferred to local governments in the remaining powers of some federal ministries, however, the Iraqi government to ensure working out on the level of Iraq," pointing to "The Iraqi government is seeking, through the transfer of powers to ensure a better level of services provided to the provinces through the opportunity for local governments to work in line with the nature preserve file", stressing the need to "be the transfer of powers to the provinces in a professional manner, taking into account competence in each file without allowing political blocs intervention subject to ensure the independence of the government departments concerned with the transfer of powers ".ofatt Abadi, that" the Iraqi government through his services supervisory past the follow-up of all the administrative files of corruption and to hold accountable all those involved by the file no matter what the government positions, "vowing to" pursue all those involved stealing money and hold them accountable legally defer the money seized, he said. "