Amnesty Law collides with 14 exception, despite the completion of second reading

It spins a bone of contention between the Union of Forces National Alliance on 14 exception contained in a general amnesty, which has been postponed more than once law.And wait for the draft bill (amnesty) rounds of negotiations to resolve points of contention before it is submitted to a vote; after the House of Representatives ended the second reading on Sunday.
Stresses the National Alliance blocks the need for these exceptions in the amnesty law. And it crossed the block free disapproval of the failure to extend the defendants anti-terrorism law.
Legal Committee and Parliamentary talking about the presence of more than thirty thousand prisoners in Iraqi prisons, confirmed the lack of inclusion of all these in the event of the adoption of the amnesty law.
The draft of the amnesty law, which got the (long) a copy of which, on "the existence of 14 paragraph excludes the crimes stipulated in the Criminal Court of Iraq and covered by the anti-terrorism law of the law, and offenses against the external security of the state and the rules of procedure, as well as the possession, use and trafficking silenced weapons crimes."
According to the draft to "the failure to extend the kidnapping and human trafficking crimes and drugs, rape, sodomy and smuggling of antiquities, money laundering and currency counterfeiting general amnesty law.
"draws this draft to exclude" all of reunification law of general amnesty No. (9) for the year 2008 or a special pardon.
"stresses Article (7) of the Act by saying" if committed relieved him under the provisions of this law felony intentional within five years from the date of the exemption implemented right sanctions, which relieved them and move penal procedures against him if he had relieved them in the League investigation or trial.
"Article VI of the Act, it provides for the" formation of a committee or head over The Supreme Judicial Council and in every Astniavah area responsible for implementing the provisions of this law shall be headed by a judge and the membership of two judges and a public prosecutor before the committee one of the members of the public prosecutor.
"He says morning Karbouli, legal adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament, said that" this law of laws that focus on national reconciliation and document government, which was formed by the Government of al-Abadi, "pointing out that" the draft of this law became the subject of controversy and debate because of the presence of fourteen exception.
"In the opinion Karbouli told (range), that" these exceptions emptied the law of its content after the failure to extend many of the crimes. " , adding that "the most prominent points of contention that will be negotiated are the offenses covered in the High Criminal Court, and the law of the fight against terrorism, drugs and falsification of official documents that must be modified in the law before it is submitted to a vote."
turn, MP from the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal says that "all laws sent by the government to the parliament be adjusted, "adding that" there are exceptions in a general amnesty natural thing law.
"shows the Terminal (range) that" it is possible that even from the simple offense with the killing of Iraqis, "pointing out that" it reads Article I of the law to empty all prisons of prisoners is absolutely means.
"Article I of the Act provides that" the relieved general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death or to a penalty or deprivation of liberty or measures fine whether and Jahia judgment or in absentia gained a degree of bits or not acquired without prejudice to civil or punitive or disciplinary responsibility. " He notes the member of the Commission on Human Rights Parliamentary out that "this Article shall be governed by the exceptions to be an officer not to release criminals", stressing the need for "the existence of consensus on these texts for not allowing the exit of the criminals."
turn says ultra-MP Sheikh Ali, a member of the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary , that "the political blocs expressed observations on the general amnesty law in session last Saturday."
He said Sheikh Ali, (range), "The release covered by the amnesty law is not a law-year-old, but a special" stressing that "the Legal Committee will take the observations of the political blocs Before presenting the law to a vote.
"and on the preparation of the detainees, says Democratic member of the civil power that" former Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari told us that the number of detainees up to 30 thousand prisoners. " He pointed out that "if the legislation of the amnesty law will not be all the number covered by its actions, but will be up on the issue of material as possible be adjusted in future periods."
And called on the Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives, last Saturday, the House of Representatives and the government to the inclusion of the governed to target forces' occupation "general amnesty law and honor for" sacrifice their lives "to appeal to members of the Council and the government is universally governed targeting crimes of the occupation," noting that "this category to be honored because they sacrificed their lives for the country and resisting the occupier.