Oil confirms its ability to produce the quantity prescribed in the budget

Oil Ministry confirmed its ability to achieve the amount of the estimated oil production in the 2016 budget, while showed that the price of oil to be adopted after a series of discussions with the competent committees in the oil ministry, the parliamentary finance committee promised that the $ 45 per barrel of oil ideal price. A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, said in an interview to the "long", that "the price of oil approved in the budget has been in consultation between the Economic Committee in the Ministry of Oil and the ad hoc committee in the Council of Ministers," noting that "the current price OK to reality other than those adopted in the budget of 2015" .
Jihad confirmed "that the Oil Ministry able to produce a quantity prescribed in the budget, pointing out that the production of the oil fields in the south and center exceeded three million barrels a day, and that amount if they have been added production from the Kurdistan region oil quantities will achieve the required ratio."
said trade sources in the oil sector, according to Reuters, Iraq's second-largest producer in OPEC plans to export 2.9 million barrels per day of Basra crude from the southern oil harbors in December next, and based sources to the initial loading of oil program.
The increase December shipments a little bit about those planned to export this month and amounting to 2.819 million barrels per day, supported by the increase of Iraqi crude exports heavy.
The deputies stressed that the $ 40 per barrel of oil is the price which is supposed to be adopted in order to avoid falling possible to prevent the increase in the deficit, while others considered that Iraq is unable to export 3.0006 million bpd by adopted by the 2016 budget
and see the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmad that the objections of some lawmakers on the price of oil, which was adopted by the budget unwarranted, describing it as "ideal", and ruled out at the same time be reduced from $ 45 a barrel.
Ahmed said in an interview. " term ", that" change the price of oil would disrupt all the accounts in the budget and will affect the expenditure and revenue Rapporteur calls for a review of the figures contained in again means traceable to the Council of Ministers to start from scratch.
"He guessed Ahmed that the budget submitted by the Council of Ministers remain unchanged anticipated taking some notes that Cetkhvha second reading in parliament Saturday (yesterday) without compromising the basic structure adopted that particularly with regard to the price of oil and the quantity of production.
It is scheduled to discuss the parliament, the budget 2016 this week, while the recorded scene parliamentary objections from some members of the committees on several paragraphs .
members promised in the parliamentary Finance Committee's budget next year as fanciful and far from the economic reality of Iraq's budget, as they said that all the figures received, including Garhakiqih, arguing that Iraq is unable to export more than three million barrels per day, while others deputies believe that the Ministries Finance and Planning were Haristin in the budget of 2016 and calculating the price of a barrel of oil at $ 45, arguing that the deficit ratio will be a real contrast to what was happening in previous years as it was speculative proportion.
The Ministry of Finance (15 September 2015) draft budget law, pointing out that Revenue will amount to more than 84 thousand trillion and 73 billion dinars.