Activists protest decide to besiege the parliament to make him stop his coverage of corruption


Monday, November 16, 2015

Called on the organizers of the Iraqi protests Parliament to end what they called by covering corruption and announced that they will join pause protest in front of its headquarters in the Green Zone in central Baghdad aimed at him to sedation from his coma and to the performance of his constitutional duties and the enactment of laws that will help to implement the reform, a pause also will involve activists from all governorates in front House of Representatives offices there.

The organizers said this stops protest against the parliament that the Iraqi people continue peaceful protests extensive on the miserable conditions that affect the security and services required to open the files of corruption and accountability of the corrupt who have looted public money and left Iraq to live poverty and destitution, disease and illiteracy. They said in a statement Monday got "Culture" on the text of which is that at a time enter the protests week with the seventeenth, the demonstrators did not find is silence and indifference by the House of Representatives and the supposed him to be the first responders to the voice of the protesters as a representative of the people, as the text of the Constitution, did not hear him nothing but announcement paper reformist remained a dead letter and promising to launch a package second and appeared to be an attempt to absorb the anger plagued people's tragedies and disasters and Alrazach under injustice.

They noted that the House of Representatives failed to constitutional duties and tasks entrusted to him and did not care about the deepening crisis, which weakened the country and Avqrth and made ​​him Square bloody terror Almnfatt result sectarian and ethnic quotas producing corruption and protector of the corrupt.

The legislative side and protesters demanded the parliament to speed up the enactment of laws to provide a legal cover for all paragraphs in the reform packages issued by the Council of Ministers to enact legislation that is consistent with the view of reform and the abolition of the former regime, legislation which remained window until now.

They also called for conditioning legislation issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority since the beginning of the occupation But until the departure of its chief executive, Paul Bremer, and in line with Iraq's privacy and its constitution .. enact the required laws under the provisions of the Constitution and the number 67 legally an institution laws of the state in accordance with the philosophy adopted by the valid Constitution.

They noted that what has been enacted laws throughout the elective courses not ministering government At the completion of reforms currently required solid base legislation the government was able to direct reform because the absence of such legislation makes devoid of legitimacy reforms as the absence of legislation chock reforms makes achieving those elusive reforms. They appealed to the parliament to pass laws relating to the judiciary, which help eliminate reform is real and that starts from the philosophy of legislation strengthening of citizenship and national unity and promote a culture of love and tolerance and to expand political participation and the abolition of the quota system and the rejection of political sectarianism.

Quotas hinder the fight against corruption and on the face of corruption point Protesters absence of real and concrete effort in the fight against corruption .. and said that the House was not approaching the files of corruption as a result of consensus sectarian quotas, which spread to the quotas of corruption.

They demanded to open an urgent investigation in eight files are (the issue of Spyker, corruption deal in Russian weapons, seizure of property state, Baghdad project capital of Arab culture, device detect explosives, the final accounts for the past years, especially in 2014, the building of schools deals, oil licensing round that brought Iraq unnecessary losses)
and stressed the need to organize follow-up issues that have turned to the judiciary and demanding to know the measures in the fight against public corruption, including on the judiciary. They called to address the deterioration of the health situation and the lack of services in this area, as well as protect doctors from armed gangs.

Almnfatth., And warned of the risk of decline of education and high levels of repetition and attention to the future of air transportation and Iraqi Airways and address the causes that stand without the support of factories and plants owned by the state where there is a fear of selling them to whales Corruption .. in addition to the importance of following up oil licensing round that brought Iraq unnecessary losses and claim reviewed in the light of experience and improve management to ensure the removal of waste Alanvaqa companies.

House of Representatives Management said protesters on the importance of the transfer case of the House of Representatives of the arena for conflicts of quotas and to cover up the corrupt to the Dome of defending the people and their interests, without worrying about personal and factional interests and to reduce malfunction Parliament and to invest the time better for the real work of his legislative him and oversight and to ensure the demands of citizens.

They called to secure the presence of a number of citizens of the meetings of the House of Representatives and reducing its administrative system structure of the board and remove the excess episodes of staff, consultants, and service personnel to immediately be initiated this and the inclusion of relatives and affiliated to the body and members of parliament .. Add to cancel and petty Council hospitality expenses and Cancel Alaivadat unnecessary and the abolition of privileges and protections that reduce Abjb linked to the management and financial institutional and not through a member of the Council so as to ward off corruption and corruption and aliens.

Deepen the crisis and warned activists pretended protests that the survival of Parliament adheres quota system and sectarian conflict is feasible and harassment and conflict is justified with the executive branch and not to put the terms of cooperation will deepen the current crisis in the country more, reproduce corruption and control spoilers at the expense of protecting the country and its construction.

They noted that the Iraqi people who HP through a variety of events, including the ongoing demonstrations and protests continued has proven his ability and vitality and adherence to their rights that do not waive them is determined with full force in the maintenance of the present and the protection of his interests and defend the future and therefore will not flatter any institution or individual stands in the way desire for peace, development and decent living and Neil freedom and social justice and to achieve a state of institutions, law and true democracy.

The Iraq is about three months since the demonstrations wide protest in which protesters demanded the support of the reference Sistani, the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and an end to the politicization of the judiciary and the provision of services, especially water and electricity.