Federal Transport Minister: supply sophisticated aircraft in terms of size and designs at low

Baghdad-Sisterhood, the Transport Ministry said supply sophisticated aircraft in size and modern designs at low prices.
The Federal Transport Minister Baqir Jabr Al-Zubeidi discussions between Federal Airways and Boeing, and the Iraqi side was attended by Osama Al-Sadr General Manager and department heads and Samer Kabbah Director General Civil Aviation Authority, and Donald Calvin Sales Director Middle East and North Africa at Boeing.
He added that Boeing had attended to discuss for the first time in a federal Iraq with technical team to update contracts signed with the company in 2008 for processing of Iraqi Airways aircraft, which will change the re-sizing of aircraft other than the modern type that will provide 15% of fuel consumption ", stating that" the coming years will supply Boeing advanced, modern designs as well as to discuss lowering prices because of the global financial crisis and the company have agreed that Al-Zubaidi also stressed keenness on keeping up with Iraqi aircraft evolution In terms of processing, advanced services and service [Wi-Fi] and others "," taking into account the evolution in the aircraft industry and that environmentally friendly engines.