The United Nations criticized the law national card and feared Iraqi minorities from "fate similar to Jews"

(Voice of Iraq)-Iraq criticized the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), on Monday, the national card Act in Iraq, and pointed out that religious minorities in this law is threatened, and expressed fear the Iraqi minorities from "fate similar to Jews", stressed the need to "eliminate extremism".

Deputy Chief of Mission of the United Nations in Iraq's political affairs Georgy Posten, in his speech during the celebration of United Nations international day for tolerance, held at the Babylon hotel, central Baghdad, attended by (range), that "Iraq is a country of ancient tradition over the countries longest crisis hit them were dragged to fight over and many times but whenever its crisis-stricken peoples and leaders took a crisis", stating that "the fear of the other led to the evacuation of the Jews, and this fear of the rest of the ingredients the other Iraq".

Boston, he said, that "article 26 of the law of unified national card came at a critical time in the country", noting that "most Iraqi components adhere to co-existence until the article appeared particularly coexistence zast religious minorities felt threatened".

Boston, he said that "the source of peace and coexistence, peace and security source security means stability and that's what you want every religious and ethnic components of the country and the Government of Iraq on our values of tolerance and coexistence".

Boston, noted that "what we see serious development in the security file in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris upsets people safe so we have eliminate extremism", pointing out that "the Organization (daash) hybrid unable to hold and eliminate it with love and tolerance and unity and unity should all live the way you understand and should not fight to impose another way".

The Chaldean Patriarch was in Iraq and the world, Saint Louis Raphael first Saco, on Wednesday (11 November 2015), refusing to act on a unified national card, returned it contrary to the principles of human rights and violates the Iraqi Constitution, while surprised at the attention the House minors Christians leaving the basics, once again threatened to resort to the world against Parliament.

The Chaldean Patriarch was in Iraq and world Mar Luis Rafael Saco, called first Tuesday (10 November 2015), Muslim personalities, civil society organizations and the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights in Iraq, to participate in the protest against the law on the national card, middle of next week, as the President called it back to Parliament for amendment, threatened once again with the possibility of recourse to the International Court for a lawsuit against the House if the amending Act.

Mentioned that the Chamber of Deputies, approved (27 October 2015), unified national card bill, while commenting on the minority deputies (31 last month), attending Parliament sessions in protest of the law, especially with regard to the registration of the child is a minor religion they antagonized the parents that this constitutes "discrimination and coercion on the creed"