Statement: America and its allies are destroying the fuel trucks for the Organization of the Islamic State

(Voice of Iraq) Reuters said the u.s.-led coalition against the Islamic State that the raids carried out by its fighters in Syria and Iraq on Sunday, injuring 116 truck fuel in the latest step to destroy the oil installations used by the management to finance its operations.

Joint task force said in a statement Monday that the trucks had been destroyed near the town of Abu Kamal, the Syrian East in one of 23 RAID Coalition aircraft against regulation.

And the Pentagon announced Friday that it would escalate u.s.-led operations in the region with emphasis on oil installations as part of its efforts to undermine the Organization's capacity to finance its operations.

Abu Kamal is located in Deir El-Zour province in the East of the country that the Pentagon says they provide organized Islamic State by about two-thirds of the revenue from oil is one of the largest sources of revenue for the organization.

It was not possible to reach the Pentagon representatives immediately for more details.

And the New York Times reported that the RAID was planned before the Paris attacks Friday and executed four of the a-10 and two type AC-130 stationed in Turkey.

The newspaper quoted u.s. officials as saying that the raids had destroyed more than a third of the trucks in the region of 295.

Joint task force said in a statement that nine other raids hit a number of targets in the vicinity of six other Syrian cities, including combat positions variety and tactical units and buildings.

In Iraq hit 13 RAID five tactical units as well as buildings used by management and stores weapons and targets close to seven cities.

(Preparation of Dalia boon for Arabic bulletin-edit Mustafa Saleh)