Finance: figures imaginary budget and far from reality

Described by the Finance Committee in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday, figures contained in the budget "in fiction" is far from reality, as confirmed by the estimates of oil sales is not consistent with the production and global sale price noted that non-oil imports is unrealistic and has up to five trillion dinars, at best.
Committee Member said Masood Haider, "the term from my budget figures are fictional and far-fetched", stating that "oil revenues based on exporting 3.6 million bpd and Iraq cannot export more than three million barrels," said Haidar "Iraq sells its oil price of 40 dollars per barrel of oil must guess based on the 40-45 dollars allowance", pointing out that "oil imports up under the roof of export and world oil prices between 50-51 trillion dinars".
Haider stressed that "the non-oil imports to some extent August 2015 reached 1 trillion 200 billion Iraqi dinar could reach 2 trillion dinars in the best of cases upto 5 trillion dinars and difficult to reach 15 trillion." and was chaired by the Iraqi Council of representatives ended on 10 November 2015, at 35 the first legislative chapter of the second legislative year first and second readings of five laws, most notably the financial budget for the next year 2016. He was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Juburi, confirmed in his profile for the social networking site (Facebook), the draft budget law includes several paragraphs that constitute "the chins up" as customizations to support wheat walshlb, State employees pension fund, and the crowd.
The Iraqi Cabinet on Sunday approved, (19 October 2015), the fiscal budget for next year 2016, 113 trillion Iraqi dinars and 30 trillion deficit.