Kurdistan banks take over seven trillion Iraqi dinars from the funds of the Central Bank
Date: 11/16/2015

Palm-detection member of the Finance Committee, "Haitham al-Jubouri" significant operations corruption accompany the conversion of hard currency abroad through false invoices to benefit from the central bank auctions process.

He said al-Jubouri said in an interview for the program pillar to broadcast on channel direction that there is a great manipulation by banks and financial companies included imports unnecessary monstrous proportions, as happened according to him in one of the deals that included the purchase of sweet acid value of twenty-eight million dollars and added that a bank introduced bills to buy TVs suffice because everyone has thirty-two Iraqis a TV.

Jubouri said that banks in Iraqi Kurdistan seized nearly seven trillion Iraqi dinars from the funds of the Central Bank, as he emphasized that this process has the complicity of Director of the International Bank of Commerce is known Bal T NBA Hamdiya dry in defiance of the government to be able to retrieve ten percent of These amounts.

He said al-Jubouri said the central bank sold during the previous years, an estimated three hundred and twelve billion dollars through the sale of Currency Auctions likely to be nearly sixty percent of these amounts were tainted by corruption operations.