Interior launches salaries more than thirty-nine thousand affiliated after investigation

The Interior Ministry announced the launch of the salaries of more than 39 thousand affiliated with them after investigation.

The Ministry said in a statement that "based on the directives of Interior Minister Mohammad Salem Al-ghabban, clear policy implementation based on the basis of Justice and lift injustice from associate and facilitate administrative procedures, whatever either associates or citizens and guarantee their rights, had ordered the Minister to follow up on stop legal action and launch pay associate who controls stop actions".
It added that "Accordingly, the Minister of the Interior had issued instructions to lift this injustice immediately translated this into a number of administrative instructions concerning lifting the injustice and stop legal action for 39 thousand and 561 associate".
He said "the total mattress sent orders to the Directorate-General of the legal service had 54 affiliated total ranks who were raised to the Office of the Deputy Minister for administrative and financial affairs for the purpose of signing them special administrative stop legal proceedings against them were counted 75 associate