The specific term published the corruption of the banks and fictitious companies

Rafidain Bank about 1.5 trillion dinars Hoda to facilitate its participation in the auction currency transfers between banks was within 4 months through published documents revealed the payments system (range) starting Tuesday, a new episode of corruption involving Huda Bank through credit facilities obtained from Rafidain Bank to participate in the auction currency run by the Central Bank.
(Range) has been started since last week published files that had intended to Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, dissemination of financial corruption which caused by billions of dollars from the country through corrupt banks and companies.
Parliamentary committees demanded an investigation of the documents published by the (extent), warning of dangerous procrastination. The commissions estimated size of money laundering in Iraq by 200 billion dollars since 2006.
The Central Bank, accused by his book, Al Huda Bank to evade detection in the Housing Bank of Jordan, which has received billions of dollars in remittances for a number of fictitious companies and non-almslgh.
The Central Bank noted in his memorandum, that monitor the Rafidain Bank turn around 1.5 trillion dinars to Al Huda Bank within four months in order to facilitate the participation in the auction currency.

The Central Bank complaining of lack of cooperation by the tax authority, to disclose accounting clients the Bank concealed the alhuda source of money and no hand nor remittances intended purchase goods meet the dollar remittances.
Central Bank confirms in his memorandum to justice that he "couldn't get a clear explanation of the sources of these funds converted point ", noting that some deposit slips for the Bank (Huda) with Rafidain Bank does not contain the full name of the beneficiary.
Central confirms that "the transactions had no business purpose clear to not provide reasonable information and clarification by the Rafidain Bank and Al-Huda".