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By Mohammed Emad

16/11/2015 03:09

Brother - special
Parliamentary Integrity Committee today hosted the Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya dry, while hosting a session that saw controversy after high MP Nassif presented a document said to belong to a lawsuit against the bank manager's son Hamdiya dry.

According to a parliamentary source said, "Deputy High Nassif presented documents concerning the work of the Trade Bank of Iraq, including a lawsuit against the son of the bank manager, who responded on that document that the judiciary has exonerated her son was dropping the suit and untrue to the document presented by the Deputy High Nassif about the presence of a court ruling against the dry son ".

But committee member MP Mohammed Hamidi said the universe was addressed to the history and work of the bank, which is governed by the law and his authority and the bank's capital and its branches and the capital of each branch. "

He explained, "it was providing us everyday about all the loans granted by the bank, including more than 10 loans granted, as well as loans in excess of one million dollars and the location of the project and its value and the name of the person and the guarantees that have been taken for the project and how payment and what percentage of the premiums outstanding and measures are taken to vibrios payment."

He continued, "it was to focus on safeguards and private real estate, both in Baghdad and the region and the reasons for the failure to take final action on these guarantees for the purpose of the payment of installments due and all of Maymana pay those premiums."

He added: "touched on the subject of accusations against the Trade Bank of Iraq, as well as some of the accusations about the son of director of the bank and the court, which was inhabited at the present time and we asked to know, rather than the annual rent of the house, and instead of paying rent."

He said the "parliamentary committee asked the management of the bank answers for specific questions circulating in the media, some of those answers and meet others answered Tcetktml not for lack of time."

He pointed out, "it was agreed that to be answered in writing last time later."

The Committee on Parliamentary Integrity hosted the Director of Trade Bank of Iraq on the bank law and financial transfers and the rights of the clouds, as well as issues concerning the granting of letters of credit for companies, as well as large loans granted by the bank and gains on these loans and guarantees pledged. "

A source at the Commission, "it was addressed to the Is loans equivalent guarantees, as well as the work of bank branches inside and outside Iraq and the capital of each branch and real estate that have been bought or sold or Astojarha and the amount of allowance rent or sale, purchase and interest obtained for the Bank of these operations."