Abadi adviser: The government will develop the market Council to remove Wall of China, which is separated from the private sector

Author: BS, MJ
Editor: BK, BS

2015/11/16 15:19

Long-Presse / Baghdad
, Stressed the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, said Monday that the government embarked on the implementation of public social security strategy of the current 2015, in coordination with the World Bank, hopefully completed in 2017, while between the base point where is the introduction of "Market Council" during the year 2016 or the next, counting that the Council will remove the "Great Wall of China" that separated the government from the private sector.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The government is striving to establish a labor market in Iraq through its strategy of turning to the private sector," noting that "the problem in Iraq is that there is no definition or description of the labor market."

Saleh added, "The government is also working on the establishment of training centers and operate like those of the rest of the world, and ensuring social welfare, and the formation of the unified pension fund for workers in the public and private sectors," noting that it comes in "the framework of the social strategy of security that the government began the year apply The current 2015, in coordination with the World Bank, hopefully completed in 2017 ".

He explained adviser Abadi, that "the foundation point in the government strategy is the development of the market Council, which it is hoped that the light seen next year in 2016, or the next," asserting that "Market Council is a bond between the state and the private sector, to bridge the current gap between them."

Saleh said, "The wall is like the Great Wall of China had existed between the government and the private sector," he returned to "establish a market guarantor Council to remove that wall."

He continued economic advisor to the Prime Minister, that "the nucleus of this Council is the Economic Commission and the private sector", stressing the need to "Committee for economic transformation to a market Council."

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), I came back in (the 12th of November the current 2015), that the head of the government, Haider al-Abadi, "failed" the implementation of the reforms announced by the result of political differences and polarization progressive forces actors, while demanding the implementation of urgent economic reforms, and the fight against corruption, reform of the public sector and initiate privatization and encouraging foreign investment to cope with the effects of lower oil prices, the referee called for the restoration of "good governance and the rule of law" in the liberated areas of management (Daash).

And Cat economic advisor to the prime minister, revealed in (the 16th of October 2015), a tendency to unify the national pension for the public and private sectors Fund as part of the social safety net, while counting that of "non-equity" not covered by private sector workers to retire, he stressed that the government It aspires to contribute to domestic production up to 50 percent in 2030 to be the "president" of the market operator and not the state.