The international criminal court investigation stopped in alasidien string file

The President of Kurdistan NGO network on participation in the International Criminal Court, the suit chord alasidien since August of this year, due to non-delivery of Ministry of Peshmerga units protect people captured daash, but Minister of martyrs and almo'nflin says that "the Court told us that it would not investigate the case".

Scheduled to take place on 18/11/2015 fourteenth Conference of Member States of the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the Netherlands, and continue for eight days, and participates in the 123 Member State in court, the Iraqi Embassy will also participate to the Netherlands, where the Kurdish organizations network.

The Court want confessions check international criminal court cases in three ways, the first is if the State where the crime was committed as a member of the Court, or that the request by the United Nations, and the third is through the prosecution of prisoners who committed the crime.

After the control of the militant organization "Islamic State" daash, Sinjar August 3, 20014, and killed hundreds of Kurdish Peshmerga Ministry, alasidien, and almo'nflin in the Kurdistan Regional Government, filed in the International Criminal Court, in October 2014, to define crimes against Kurds alasidien genocide.

Says the President of Kurdistan, NGOs network, participating in the Conference, network media roodao, "we will declare her for the first time, was to dismiss since August of this year, the Kurdistan Regional Government was unable to deliver the Court, captured one such Passport carries daash States 123, admitted his crimes to them".

He said Mahmoud "appeal (roodao), the Government and the Kurdish people, units, if they have captivated daash at any level whatsoever, should be extradited to the Tribunal, appeal Kurds outside the region as well as whether they know any armed daash should contact police for extradition to the Court".

Not to dismiss

But Minister for Peshmerga Anfal, Mahmoud Haji Saleh, based on the recent letter sent to him by the officials of the Tribunal, in the month of September this year, denied the dismissal by the Court, said lroodao "on 16/9/2015 I received a letter from the Chairman of the information and evidence section in the Office of public prosecution in the International Criminal Court, Marc bideron, stating that the Court cannot investigate alasidien. But the Court did not declare that it responded to the proceedings ".

He said they had not spoken yet with units protecting the people, but they have sent a letter to the Ministry of Peshmerga and other security institutions to see if they have a prisoner from daash has passport one of the 123, to be extradited to the International Criminal Court, but did not respond to the letter, he said "the ICC indicated that the prisoner must be an officer".

Besides the handover of prisoners from daash, one other court instructions to consider the alasidien string file, it sends a message to Iraq, to demand an investigation into the incident and said "our President Dr. Fuad masum, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, through the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, but did not respond".

The Vice-Chairman of the Committee, said the peshmerga Affairs, martyrs and victims of the genocide in Kurdistan Parliament, Jimmy, lroodao, they talked with Ministry of Peshmerga and security institutions on this subject, but told them that until now has not held any armed officer daash and have a passport from one of those States.