Chalabi astonished experts ignored documents about corruption in the auction currency and ungrateful range

Financial expert, called for Sunday, not to circulate the charges of "corruption" on all private banks, surprising lack of transparency in dealing with stakeholders, the late Ahmad Chalabi documents revealed by the institution (range) and resorting to street secondary issues, while counting member of Union business, selling the dollar still is through the doors "ambiguous and tiring" for traders and "inconsistent" with the Government, an academic suggested a banks of the Ministry of finance to auction the currency to ease the burden on the Central Bank and ensure control of your contacts Several.

Financial expert: where transparency in pursuing corruption and financial expert, said the safety of smeisim, told the (term), "file irregularities in currency auction organized by the Central Bank, appeared for a long time, but more importantly is not circulated to all participating banks because it is a step to the economy more than forward and fight the spoilers", usually "circular guide fingers to pan the private sector thus harming years".
Smeisim expressed surprise, "lack of interest by stakeholders in many corruption cases relating to banks and other, both raised by the late Ahmad Chalabi, or other, and handed documents to the religious reference and integrity Commission", noting that "reference repeatedly invited publicly by the Government to eliminate corrupt, and thankfully, the term institution publish those files, but where is the integrity Commission and why these files does not appear, either in life or after death, Chalabi, why the silence about the documents range?".

Financial expert, called the need to "deal transparently with corrupt files and inform the public on the negative effects on the national economy and the measures taken against those involved", accusing "concerned by the lack of attention to the Chairperson and to seek files works Street secondary issues as the new salary scale".
Simsm, promised that there were "anomalies in the Central Bank's monetary policy, and understanding of the separation of powers, which was approved by the Iraqi Constitution, a holy cause and is not important", usually the "separation of powers of the most important factors for democracy, could not assume the same person the task of supervision and implementation of the it unconstitutional, as happened with the President of the Court of Auditors Abdel Basset Turki Saeed, when the functions of the Governor of the Central Bank, in a move reminiscent of the authoritarian Baath Party Central during the era of the electrolyte".
Financial expert added that "the CBI creates structural measures in monetary policy well, is trying to improve performance that saw past some duration regression", asserting that "the issue should be alert to the Central Bank and his administration faced pressure because of a financial crisis and scarcity of financial resources of the country, although the Bank is required to maintain the stability of the dinar and international obligations, such as trade liberalization and maintaining market economy as well as undergo future for Bank and fund international conventions".

Businessmen: sell the dollar traders vague and contradictory with the orientations of the Government, said a member of the Federation of businessmen, muhannad Sabri, told the (range), that "smuggling billions of dollars via currency auction, during the years 2012-2015, weaker domestic market because most imports are in dollars and not to accept any State to dinar", stating that "under the disappearance of dollar forced traders to take any price to ensure their wares reflected negatively on the purchase value of the goods, the making of the injured national only".

He added that "the process of selling and buying, the dollar still is incomprehensible and opaque doors, and still the merchant looking for dollar in ways that tired and this is not possible under Government policy to pursue private sector support and dominate the market for tracing mechanisms and plans implemented by the ministries concerned", adding: "but what we are seeing on the ground is not activated and not going on according to the directions that the Government wants the same traders and citizens".

Academy: auction currency should be at the Ministry of finance, said economics professor at Mustansiriyah University, Mohammad Ali Badran, speaking to the (term), "effective solution at this stage is to deposit in a bank currency auction of the Ministry of finance, as Mesopotamia or Rashid, on the Central Bank observers intervene at any time improve its risk on the dollar and control".

And felt that, "could reduce the burden on the shoulders of the Central Bank and puts a dollar in the box limited enable monitor", stating that "there is not a day of watching the auction currency at the Central Bank as well as the Ministry of finance auction transactions will be associated with the ' arms ' of the other public body llkmark and the tax authority, and be all under one umbrella".

The Supreme Judicial Council, (10th of November 2015), Chairman of the Finance Committee documents received late Ahmed Chalabi, offered by the President of the Foundation for media, culture and arts, Fakhri Karim, decided to form a judicial investigative body to consider those documents, he noted that the Prosecutor will appear before the investigative body for the formulation and follow-up requests.

(Range) were taught in (November 9 current) President of the Foundation for media, culture and arts, Fakhri Karim, handed the head of the Supreme Judiciary Council judge Medhat Al Mahmood file full issues of money-laundering and smuggling of foreign currency bought from an auction of Central Bank, who was Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of representatives and the President of the Iraqi National Congress, the late mp Ahmed Chalabi had deposited a copy of it to the Professor, students submitted to the judiciary in the case.