Specialized studies to support economic reform plans

11/15/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - the joy of pumice
as the government seeks continued to implement reforms, including the Mai_khas the economic side of the country who needs a high commitment to support the development and the development and reconstruction through the institutional system reform, the Ministry of Planning in parallel working to support reform plans through studies and activities to facilitate the work environment.

It is the most important reforms launched by the government, support plans and strategies that contribute to moving the market wheel and shift towards a free economy properly, as well as initiatives in the granting of loans and support for small and medium enterprises and orientations for the work of partnerships in the public and private industrial sector.

In this regard, he confirmed Director General of Human Development Department in the Ministry of Raghad Ali Abdul planning Prophet »Sabah» that human development department are several and activities tasks in line with the objectives and plan of the government program.

She pointed out that these studies will be specialized give rise to policies adopted by the government in its plan for economic reform, including hurt in achieving the goals of its program for the coming years.

On Despite the support of Abdul Rasul legislation plans and development strategies prepared by the Ministry of Planning laws required state departments to implement, however, she saw that the country's environment is not possible, according to the variables of several big challenges with those of the state in the financing of military operations against terrorism and economic changes around the world is carried at oil prices, especially as the Iraq depends on its revenue in the financial unilateral rent.

They believed that the development plans and strategies need a stable environment to be binding on the government departments, pointing out the possibility of the application of the reforms gradually to fit into this pre-established plans.