Allawi rejects Iranian invitation to visit Tehran and the reason!

The chairman of the national coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Sunday, for his refusal to accept the invitation of Iranian to visit Tehran "protocol," he said, adding that he insisted that be the visit a working visit. Allawi said in remarks reported by the newspaper "news" of Kuwait, he said that the "rejection of the invitation to visit Iran , because of Astrathm that the visit will be the protocol and insisted that be a working visit where the subject of intervention in Iraq, Yemen and even in Lebanon and all Arab issues in order to put points on the characters looking in an effort to create a new climate of brotherhood and alliance climates. "Allawi added," They insisted on a protocol visit therefore canceled tour I decided to Islamic, including Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia because of exceptional Tehran round as a result of this position states. "Allawi called for the establishment of" a regional conference of Iraq's neighboring countries, "pointing out that" Arabs need a new vision to a new road map to meet the emergency variables, Interventions in international affairs has become a shameful fact, so the ruling powers and popular forces draw a clear line of political moderation and a clear roadmap for the future, to how to resolve the outstanding problems, stressing his confidence in some Arab countries and Arab leaders. "