Conscious / parliament: the upper limit of the salaries of the House of Representatives (10) million dinars

15/11/2015 07:40

Conscious / Baghdad / M.k
House of Representatives issued a statement presentation on the salaries of members of parliament, and Maitkadouna of financial allocations, stressing the upper limit of the salaries of the House of Representatives at 10 million dinars.

According to a statement of the Department of Media of the Parliament he received ( and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA ) a copy of it, that "some local media insists on rumination abrogated News Do to the fact nothing related to salaries, ladies and gentlemen members of the House of Representatives despite clarifications and responses assigned official documents published by constantly circle Media in the House of Representatives. "

"It seems that some of these means media still cylinder broken record frequency for salaries of deputies in order to excitement and achievement of sales and profit at the expense of the truth and the facts, they ignore the explanations House of Representatives on the subject of salaries either being unable to keep up with the latest news and the dissemination of facts or that it engaged in a paid campaign relies fabricate lies to determine how the legislature within targets meet with terrorist plots and graduating from the enlightening role of the media. "

"The salaries of deputies to contact to 32 million dinars, but was 12.9 million dinars before the launch of the reform package, while the total salary of the deputy reached after application of the reduction in accordance with resolution 333 the highest rates in the 10 million dinars.

He said the "nominal salary (4) million dinars, and the allocation of the position (2) million, and provisions for a Ph.D. 100% of the nominal salary, MA 75% of the nominal salary, BA 45% of the nominal salary, the Institute of 35% of the nominal salary, junior high 25% of the nominal salary. "