Hamoudi: whales corrupt affected the political decision

By Mohammed Emad

15/11/2015 01:18

Brother - Baghdad
First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamoudi that "whales corrupt affected the political decision in Lod by politicians Alian serving the owners of the money."

Said Hamoudi in a speech during a panel discussion in the House of Representatives under the title of "the fight against corruption and to hold accountable corrupt, mechanisms and constraints and attended by the correspondent for News Agency (et) that modern people and the media about corruption is not different Bmanih in the joints of human life, but what he meant corruption in Iraq is corruption whales.

He Amedoa that whales corrupt and corrupting has made the political reputation of the country and the reputation of the entities and the state and officials of the worst thing he says about others, pointing out that corruption whales is that the corruption that affects the political decision by the politicians who serve the owners of the money, pointing out that the owners capital weighed on the politicians and the media which made those whales that dominate the political decision.

Hamoudi stressed the need to reveal all those whales, asking, "Can you reach it, and whether we can say that the state no longer milking cow and cancel this paragraph,?. Msttrda whales corruption by saying that I grew up in a smaller institution of the State.

He said Hamoudi that these whales intervene in contracts for projects and border crossings and then distributed and implemented by the personal interest of those Alehian requirements, adding that those Alehian have affected the judiciary directly and indirectly, noting that whales corruption and reached for each vocabulary of life in Iraq, and she lives in safe.

Hamoudi said, "Today we must strive for more delicate dialogue which may go casualties and positions, but we must offer those sacrifices in order to get to the whales and take it out of their nests.

Hamoudi pointed out that there are large cross-pollination between whales corruption and bad handling of politicians, we must all share in the fight against anyone who tries to encroach upon the public money and threatening the state's economy.

Hamoudi and he demanded "all Iraqis to address the whales Alvesada, and the House of Representatives today is a way to deal written and oral question by hosting and interrogation may do this through future meetings, to achieve the oversight role of the House of Representatives.

He stressed that the second round is the responsibility of the executive branch, where the government should set up a committee contracts operate transparently, explaining that "the third round is the responsibility of the judiciary, and the judge is not infallible, and as the Minister and Director-General in charge of the executive branch spoil the judge Gallery of corruption, calling for support the judiciary and embrace him, and expose it to the Nhasabh, the judge has a responsibility, a gallery of corruption and we must protect it from Mark that is honest, honorable dealing toward public money, stressing the need to recognize and protect honest judges to ensure its courage against the corrupt and the corrupt.

He said Hamoudi said the fourth round and what is important is the role of the fourth estate, where the whales corruption using media at a time when they want to put pressure on a judge or official in order to obtain personal their goals in the acquisition of public money, we have to stand at the media, which contributes with spoilers through facts The facts, either media, which wants to protect state funds we have to support him, an official in the detection of whales corruption, as we have to be brave in dealing with the corrupt media.

And Asttr Hamoudi by saying that the important role falls to the school and platforms in how education on the sanctity of overtaking on public money through the ethics of Imam Ali (AS) on the subject of the candle and other public ethics Hafiz public money, pointing out that the platform through the speakers, and the It rises from the pulpit to be an advocate for the public interest.

He stressed Hamoudi that the owner of the pulpit speaks strongly not to speak in a way the media is backed by corrupt, and they have to be with us in the fight against corruption and that they wanted to talk about a case concerning corruption must Altmahs and scans of the information they hear or come upon them in other ways.

He concluded his speech by saying Hamoudi today everyone has a responsibility in the fight against corruption from the legislative and executive authorities, judicial, media and Jemtema and face the whales, and the liberalization of public money and the Iraqi economy and reputation as liberated Iraq Salahuddin, Anbar and Mosul are moving in the edit.