Economy: currency of the 50 000 aims to build monetary policy keeps pace with economic conditions
November 15, 2015

The Commission on economy and investment representative that the issuance of Central Bank currency of 50 thousand dinars comes to control building monetary policy keeps pace with economic conditions experienced by Iraq.
Committee Chairman mp Jawad Al-Bolani told a press vitsarih obtained by agency news economy financial and monetary policy need to be issuing currency class 50 and 100 thousand dinars to build monetary policy keeps pace with the economic circumstances which Iraq is currently undergoing.

He said that the issuance of cash like the groups 50 or 100 thousand dinars convergence FX 50 or 100 dollars, stressing that it is an important part of the process of rationalizing the currency trading in the paper side. The paper version of these groups actively tied to the Central Bank of Iraq, pointing out that any decision in this regard is subject to Bank management and consistent with economic conditions and needs of the country and market.

Felt that Bolani output process of issuing a 50,000 cash natural within the accounts established by the Central Bank on the stability of monetary policy to tackle inflation and improve the economy, adding that initiatives by the Central Bank is very important to maintain cash reserves of hard currency and Iraqi administration is consistent with phase, pointing out that Iraq needed to create consensus among financial policy administered by the Ministry of finance and the monetary policy administered by the Central Bank , Arguing that greater compatibility with substantive insights into financial matters will be more stable.