Mr. Hakim: reform is everyone's responsibility and Iraq cannot be managed with one color and one mood

He stressed that Iraq will remain one unified Chief stressed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim, the Iraqi national unity maintained and unite in the face of challenges. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said in a speech at the celebration of Islamic day against violence against women established a library in Baghdad "I believe personally that the best opportunities for historical settlements are available when things up to the point of stalemate when accumulate crises and challenges are magnified up to almost convinced that things got to the point of irreversibility, then historical settlements have lengthened and become handy and tell the historical settlements and not prosthesis". "We tried half and led us to the ends of the blank, bleak, that half is actually by do-it-yourself and home and people are no longer prepared to tolerate such solutions." Hakim called "historical adjustments they need exceptional courage and mentality to think boldly and hope, and enjoy spiritual high and ready to be flexible And the fair, equitable and balanced "pointing out" many variables occurred recently, we must reassess the reality and new thinking to submit draft action represents a social contract and politically agree and move forward and overcome all previous political mistakes, restores some old perceptions and assessment make it interrelated with reality. " "I said from this rostrum, free and callously extinguished that 2015 is the year to resolve the debate over the future of Iraq, and to assure that Iraq, in the approval of perspective, will remain one unified God, say it for history and with complete confidence and think, they trusted her. He emphasized the need for everyone to liability reform and governance "in Iraq. Hakim said that "reform is everyone's responsibility and that Iraq cannot be driven or operated with one color and one mood and see one and keep the others waiting and watching and they are under danger and challenge and then pay the price for mismanagement, we should guide governance and invest all the possibilities and this is the first and most important step vialaslahat". The "governance begins with the detach procedure from political positions and dimensions of State institutions from partisan and sectarian behavior and regional, and restructuring of institutions and scientific and thoughtful integration and interoperability in the work and duties, and reduce routine and bureaucratic episodes, and launch an effective package of laws is a priority in the restructuring of the State and society, and we will consult with political leaders to reactivate the Supreme policies Council, launch reconstruction and Development Council. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, "we have been watching since the duration of interactions The political arena, and assess the Government's performance, and the impact of reform steps taken by the Government, as we were watching we follow and assess regional and international mobility in our region in General and in our home, and how to change the political rules, is approaching the deduction to be before new political rules. " He called for "not remain spectators anticipate others to determine the direction of the compass, and the quality of relationships that will bind us to this new reality, hence the actual need to activate Policy Council". He said that "Iraq is our responsibility and we are not of those who abandon their responsibilities, and we will work with our brothers in the elaboration of national reform project realistically be fleeting for all the failures of the previous phases and each artificial borders psychologically and morally, and that opportunity is now very significantly".