Deputy: 2016 budget "optimistic"

11.15.2015 at 12:46 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Detection of the House of Representatives member from the province of Basra, Mohammed al-Tai, Sunday, that the budget year 2016 I wrote a very optimistic way, although it will be unstable dependence on the price of oil and will put the state in a big deficit, calling on the government to make alternative plans for oil.

He said al-Tai's / scales News /, "The government has put the budget under the Guess oil prices," noting that "this annual mistakes made by the government are located, especially if prices are at high and low, a non-stable and put Iraq in great danger."

He added that "the price fixed by the optimistic by the estimated 45 per barrel figure," adding that "Iraq will face a financial problem because it is stable and has written is thoughtful" on the state to put an alternative to oil plans as soon as possible out of the crisis before falling out. "

And between, "The subject of foreign loans is not Saeb he would put the state in many problems with borrowing countries and on the state to find a substitute for the loans."

He said the "advancement of the budget could be through the promotion of agricultural and industrial reality, or by changing the investment and a special law that this law repellent for investors."

"This confirmed the economic spokesman Antoine, Sunday expert, that monetary policy in Iraq is greatly affected by a decline and the rise in oil exports, while noting that the work in progress on the financial and political harmony of the expenses of the state and monetary policy of the central bank to maintain the internal balance and the reduction of financial blunders of the country ".anthy 29 / W 23