Virtue emphasizes the failure to extend the murder of the professors, judges and money laundering crimes amnesty law
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} emphasized virtue Bloc on the failure to extend the involvement of intentional murder for professors and scientific talent and the judges of the amnesty law.
Bloc said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Saturday that "it is necessary to follow a set of special points of law of general amnesty from, the failure to extend the criminals who have committed crimes of mass murder using car bombs and explosive materials of the amnesty law."
He added that " failure to extend the criminals perpetrators of crimes with weapons Occlusive law of general amnesty and the failure to extend money laundering crimes amnesty, whether the motive to commit the crime in order to finance terrorism or the collection of a graft or any motive or another purpose.
"He pointed out that" crime shelter or cover up the offender is supposed that are detailed in its resources so that all subjects be governed by the same box, but rather taken into account the nature of the crime that is sheltering the perpetrator is the wife or the mother of the oppressed on the cover-up is not the same for those who gloss and harbors and is part of a criminal organization.
"He concluded," can review the provisions of the people who switched their positions on the ground after (06/14/2014) and become part of the anti-terrorist Daash subject to the rights of the victims and compensate them and the collection of conciliation efforts with them ".anthy