Talabani's party: the triumph of the Peshmerga Sinjar will affect the region and should be the implementation of Article 140

Considered the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Saturday, the victory of the Peshmerga in Sinjar as "affect" on the area of political, geographical and military aspects, while stressing the need to solve the problem of Sinjar "radically" through the implementation of the Constitutional Article 140 and make it "an Iraqi province." Said Union PUK in a statement received Alsumaria News a copy of it, that "the Kurdish forces and the support of the international coalition aircraft recorded a resounding victory over the terrorists, managed two days of violent clashes Edit Sinjar town yet," he said, adding that "the historic victory of the Peshmerga in Sinjar will affect the region political, geographical and military terms. " He praised the Federation
as "the role of the formations militants Union and called for "the implementation of Article 140 of the constitution to find radical solution to the problem of Sinjar and make Iraqi province and initiate a campaign Emaar eliminate immediately, "stressing" the need for joint coordination with the federal government and start resolving outstanding issues, including the political, economic and constitutional differences to miss an opportunity to the enemies of head of the region Kurdistan, Daash "into an independent province, as called for Yezidis to refer to their regions and reconstruction. The media war cell announced, on Friday, the control of the Peshmerga forces to spend Sinjar, west of Mosul in full, while confirming that the Kurdish forces began combing the revival of the judiciary.

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