Iraq: popular protests calling for reform and dissolve parliament

Some cities and provinces of Iraq has seen mass protests calling for political, economic and social reform, while all eyes towards the next move in front of Parliament, especially in light of being accused of preventing reforms, and the protection of corruption and corrupt. BAGHDAD: Student protesters Iraqis in Baghdad and the provinces of Iraqi south, through massive demonstrations they organized on Friday, dissolved parliament, accusing him of the protection of corruption, also stressed the need to enact a law depriving sectarian, and called for reform of the judiciary and the sacking of boss and retrieval of public funds looted by corrupt, while authorities prevented the demonstrators from approaching the Green Zone in the center of the capital. In Baghdad, thousands of citizens rallied in Tahrir Square, calling for genuine and comprehensive reform, and to fight corruption and prosecute the corrupt and improve services. They stressed the need to make deep reforms in all state facilities, relying on real competencies, and an end to the quota system and bring them citizenship, and demonstrators raised the Iraqi flag and banners calling for the prosecution of corrupt and looters of public money before the courts. Security forces prevented protesters from demonstrating in front of the entrance to the protected Green Zone, the headquarters of the three presidencies and some foreign embassies, which were closed security forces, since this morning, on Friday, all the roads and the main square in central Baghdad in preparation for demonstrations, as security forces deployed heavily in all regions of the center the capital, and banned the movement of the car completely.
Provinces protests
The renewed protests in the southern governorates of Iraq for the week X, where student thousands, of demonstrators Babylon, Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah and Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit, Maysan and Basra, Diyala, the provision of services, the real corruption in government and the judiciary institutions and address, as protesters rejected attempts by the parliament to circumvent the reforms, and called for decisions seriousness ensure that improve the daily life of citizens, as said by local news agencies.

In the province of Basra, hundreds participated in a peaceful demonstration near the Office of the province, demanding reforms, including the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt officials, in addition to the call for the development of the economic situation and the advancement of the reality service.

In Maysan province, the people of the province has demonstrated the city of Amarah center, demanding the reform of the judiciary and accountability of the corrupt and the abolition of the provincial councils, also called for a reform of the judiciary and the sacking of boss Medhat al-Mahmoud, and the abolition of the provincial councils and the parliament, and investigate the files of corruption in public.

In the province of Muthanna, Hundreds of citizens who gathered at the center, demanding further reforms, and held up banners bearing the slogan "When the revolt rip out the roots", and the government Amhluwa months to implement real reforms, threatening to start open-ended sit. In Karbala, the demonstrators called for reform of the judiciary, and called for a solution of the Investment Authority in the province, and to conduct an investigation into the reasons for the fall of Mosul, as well as the abolition of the new salary ladder, and provide full support to the People's

Army and the crowd.

Well, it pretended to thousands of people in Diwaniyah, calling for the implementation of real reforms, and warned the local government of targeting and threatening demonstrations leaders, also called for the enactment of laws to criminalize sectarian and accelerate expose corruption measures and files in various government departments, and stressed the need for the dismissal of the governor and resolve of the provincial council, and provide spoilers officials of the judiciary, and to bring down the number of cases brought against activists in the competent courts.

Najaf was the scene, Hundreds of citizens who called for the implementation of government reforms, and to fight against corruption and recover stolen funds, and stressed they continue to demonstrate until their demands are met and the reform of the political situation in the country and raise the level of services.

In Nasiriyah, it has Hundreds of people of Dhi Qar province, center of the city, demanding to fight corruption, and they described the government Balaalamah and non-real reforms, and in Hilla demonstrated the sons of the province of Babylon central position of Hilla, calling for wider reforms, and the fight against corruption, the demonstrators carried banners denouncing corruption, and stresses the need to hold accountable corrupt officials, and find the money seized.

Towards Parliament

Furthermore, Mahtjo demonstrations against corruption and announced a protest Tuesday in front of the parliament building in Baghdad, and said that the mass of desperate political corruption and the protection of the quota system, which led the country into the abyss.

The protesters said in a press statement received "Elaph" a copy of it: "I will not back down from demanding our legitimate rights, will stay in the field until our demands are met in the reform, and this is our motto that we will not abandon As citizens defending their right to life and a decent living and freedom," They noted that this Friday is the sixth of ten "Here are the crowds that corrupt bet on it Sttgahqr and retracts, The battle of freedom for a long-term battle, and lose from betting on the tired and despair and retreat for our legitimate rights."

They added: "So we say, frankly, that of standing general reforms in the first place is a parliament that reflects the true picture of the conflicts of this council political forces in defense of the interests of these forces, which control political decision by virtue of the size of their representation in the House of Representatives, and Astmataatha in the protection of corruption and quotas which He led the country into the abyss, and therefore, declare that we Senlhak this demonstration Friday vigil at the gates of this institution, which bucked the purpose for which it was held for him, and has become an obstacle to achieving the goals of the citizen to freedom and a decent life, and will be Agaftna generally whales loud and cry corruption and quotas next Tuesday. " .

Iraq has been since about three months of demonstrations and a wide protest during which protesters are demanding the support of the reference Sistani, the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and an end to the politicization of the judiciary and the provision of services, especially water and electricity.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, and part of the reforms launched by the ninth of August packs (last August), has canceled the positions of the three Vice-President, the Vice-Presidents of the three government also exempted 123 Deputy Minister and Director-General from office were referred to retire, and also decided to reduce the number of cabinet posts to 22 instead of 33, by abolishing the three positions of deputy prime ministers and four ministries and merge eight ministries only-four to make it, as he cut the salaries of senior officials and the abolition of the majority of the elements of Hamayatem and return them to the security forces.