Basra refuses to guarantee its oil by the federal government

Basra Governorate Council refused, on Saturday, contracts entered into by the Federal Government and the Ministry of Finance for projects that serve the interests of other provinces by dealing in accordance with the formula payment on credit or guarantee the Basra oil with plans to claim oil production funds for the reconstruction of the province. The head of the Council Albzona morning, that the contracts concluded in agreement with the ministries must be exclusively the province of Basra, adding that any project in any province bear the costs of maintaining the beneficiary does not take place at the expense of the province of Basra and mortgage oil. He Albzona that there are projects in other counties and have to pay a cost of Basra oil money payment system forward through the ministers with him in the ministerial cabin where they take projects to their districts and from the Basra oil expense, and that it is not acceptable and will not allow it and Basra is responsible for the other provinces debt . He stressed that the people of the province have applied step in the case of the establishment of Basra province in the event of Basra became a territory it is not prepared to pay what owed by the federal government of funds and accruals and debt in favor of the projects carried out in other provinces, directed his message to "the ministries that want to contract with companies in Basra and agree with it the payment formula to ensure the oil must be implemented in the province of Basra and the local government will be enough to pay dues and is responsible for the implementation of projects in other provinces. "
Albzona He noted that the injustice of the long conservative across the policy is fair in the development of oil resources in addition to the injustice in the administrative budget, which is supposed to be distributed on the ratio of the population in terms of mass and salt water and air associated with toxins and gases as a result of oil operations in the province, noting that the rest of the provinces is blessed with wealth of Basra which he called for a claim on the increased initiate three million barrels per line would be for the people of the province and rebuilt along the lines of Kurdistan province, which takes a day of oil 550 000 barrels of oil products. "