Geologist Expert: Sinjar economically strategic region "and geographically"

Description expert geologist Sinjar as an important strategy of geographical and economic area, being adjacent to the Tigris River and Syria, and its distance from the Mosul Dam distance of 150 kilometers. The expert said geological, Bioar Khansa, told "our economy" that those areas have not experienced exploration operations in the former regime period, pointing to find several oil wells in that region as well as other oil wells were found during the searches, but so far is not starting in the exploration of the limits of Sinjar. He stressed: "According to geological reports, there are six oil areas in Sinjar limits, is expected to have a large stockpile of oil and natural gas, and is expected to be in the private Mount Sinjar large inventory of oil and natural gas reports." He noted that there are geological reports expect the presence of a group of natural resources and other minerals in the Jebel Sinjar area, as well as stocks of oil and natural gas, Fsnjar defined as the source for the best types of stone two solutions. It is expected the presence of natural minerals, but there is a need for more searches to determine the size and type of these metals. " He Khansa he can for the Kurdistan Region border point with Syria in the development of Sinjar, such as the Ibrahim Khalil border crossings with Turkey and the Haj Omran and Pervez Khan and Bashammakh with Iran. To address water scarcity in the district of Sinjar Khansa suggested that "are drilled River between Sinjar and the Tigris River to eliminate this problem." 8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%82/