Iraq-forced displacement revives labour markets in Diyala

From far louder voices of young children amid a popular market in the town of Baquba and they are trying to attract attention of citizens for their goods whether agricultural crops (vegetables or fruits) or food, and with others who jogs bags blastketih toward an elderly man, fat kid features it works in vehicle repair shop, but it is noticeable that most of the children were displaced from areas that were, for soon, hot driven by difficult living conditions in the labour market in search of livelihoods for poor families.

Airstream Hassan says, a child of 9 years old, in his interview with «new» morning, he fled with his family from jalula area over a year ago to surrounding indiscriminate punishment, stating that "acute poverty and lack of breadwinner for his family after his father paid for the disease when the grocer daily charge amounting to 5,000 dinars.

Hassan said he was forced to leave school for the second consecutive year because of difficult living conditions for his family's financial situation, which was well before displacement they lost everything in the spiral of violence.

In turn, Chief of staff says children work in vehicle repair shop that his father killed blast 14 months ago in the Saadia (65 km North East of Baquba) followed by the forced displacement of its family to punishment after the fall of his region in the grip of daash.

He said Khalid, aged 10 years, difficult family circumstances that led him to leave school and work in a vehicle repair order to secure part of his family especially his mother suffers from an incurable disease at the moment.

Meanwhile, councilor recognized names, "forced displacement because of the rehabilitation of child labour in various cities across professions of Diyala during the past months of displacement behind growing poverty rates, which reached record levels at the moment.

Hamid added that "dozens of young children can see them and they learn in different occupations in Baqubah, mostly markets mainly displaced families each have single and others changing their living conditions after the forced displacement which was behind the damage to vital sectors including agriculture, job industry and trade».

Hamid demonstrated that "child labor dangerous repercussions that some professions don't suit with small addition to age 90% of working children in the market have been forced to leave school because of inability to harmonise work and seek knowledge».

Member of the Chamber of Deputies indicated on Diyala Campeche that Ghaida poverty severe displaced has reached very high levels, indicating that they are "more than 60% are clearly shows the magnitude of the human suffering of more than 150 thousand people displaced in the province»

Wekaln Campeche that forced displacement has already revived the phenomenon of child labour rates are so high that many families lost breadwinners forced children to perform roles according to their abilities to provide a living for their families.

Arunkumar stressed the need to support government programmes save displaced children and return them to school and preventing their careers don't suit with small age».

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