Parliamentary legal: rate and the rate of export oil next overblown budget

The legal Committee's decision confirmed Hassan Turan bahaeddin, Saturday, that the rate of oil exports in the fiscal budget bill to 2016 is estimated in the amount of 3.6 million barrels a day.

Bahaa al-Din said in a statement received by Al-sumaria news copy, that "oil price estimate of $ 45 and selected from the public Treasury and revenue is inflated, as well as the amount of expected daily oil export (3.6 million bpd) exaggerated", pointing to "support a export outlets meet for this purpose".

Deputy Bahaa al-Din said the Turkmen front, "there are forms in oil between the Centre and the territory must be taken into consideration", stressing the need to "focus on the amount of the expected shortfall and how to meet this expected shortfall".

She was President of the movement "will" mp Hanan Fatlawi considered (11 November 2015), to balance the next year 2016 "worse" than the current year's budget, noting that the ratio of the deficit to more than 22 trillion dinars.