Cell touz khormato Announces Agreement for the crowd and the peshmerga to release

The crisis cell was formed by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to contain fallout spend altos, Saturday, the crowd reached Turkmenistan and Peshmerga forces agreement release parties, as indicated, many shops were damaged and burning more than 100 House of Turkmen in the judiciary.

The head of the Iraqi Turkmen front mp Arshad Salhi, a member of the cell, in an interview for alsumaria news, "commissioned by the Prime Minister to spend altous with representatives of the Government and Presidency and Parliament", pointing out that "Turkmen Horde and Peshmerga decided to release detainees on both sides to restore the security situation".

Salehi said that "both sides have agreed today on the distribution security points between them", referring to "damage to several shops and burning more than 100 House of Turkomans in touz khormato".

Saw spend altos (90 km east of Tikrit), armed clashes between the peshmerga and the crowd of Turkmenistan have resulted in deaths and injuries number not known and damaged many houses and buildings.

And Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Saturday (14 November 2015), formed a crisis cell to contain repercussions in touz khormato, in order to guide the cell to justice immediately.

He accused the peshmerga Ministry Secretary General denies group, today, popular crowd killed Hospital Director spend touz khormato in Salahuddin province, as indicated by the crowd by targeting security headquarters, party and burning houses.