The UN Security Council puts Iraq issue on the table at a special session

Baghdad: new morning: once again, placing the UN Security Council and issues for Iraq on the table in a private meeting, listened to the testimony of the representative of the United Nations in Iraq Ján Kubiš, which called on the Iraqi Government to implement economic reforms and follow the rule of law in areas dominated daash.
He warned of worsening political differences in the country and the inability to implement reforms.
Kubiš went away in his testimony on Iraq when he said that Abbadi faces challenges imposing its authority while increasing the boldness of his opponents, asserting the existence of foul in the draft political reform and national reconciliation and called for the integration of Sunni community in the political process, brief details of these problems by saying that there is a crisis of confidence and hidden interests control the path of reforms.
The hadeeth of the UN Security Council on political reforms, it may raise some eyebrows because each press packets corrective pledged yet beyond the economic framework. They also formed the austerity fiscal policy adopted by the Government, as I headed towards the application of the customs tariff and to address the problem of tax evasion and the formation of committees to develop mechanisms for customs and tax system reform, according to a senior government source revealed activation of obtaining tax expenditures others activated like wages electricity five trillion dinars per year.

And here we must note that the reformist Government policy affects many issues touches the daily lives of citizens, with other key issues remain under negligence despite the huge financial resources available and continuously such as Kirkuk and oil territory file and file transfers performed by the Central Bank for the benefit of a few companies some placebo.
Either the parliamentary Bank Committee reforms file reconciliation she is awaiting parliamentary approval of the Presidency to hold a Conference in the capital, involving "opposition figures" in preparation for the wider diplomatic missions and be attended by representatives from the United Nations.