Deputy: Iraq and borrowed $ 200 million

/Continue/Baghdad parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the news that the size of the loan that the Bank will borrow him Iraq reached 1.2 billion dollars, with nuggets news emerged on the borrowing amount Iraq financially from Qatar.
Committee Member said Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan in modern disciple "Baghdad news" that "news that emerged on the borrowing amount Iraq financially from Qatar with the aim of bridging the financial health of impotence and not have a presence on the ground", indicating that "the general budget law did not include Qatar and foreign borrowing sources have not been addressed in the meetings of the Finance Committee".
Sarhan said that "the external sources that will borrow them Iraq are the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and Islamic banks as well as securities issued at home and abroad", noting that "external loan of the World Bank amounted to 1.2 billion dollars, with negotiations still going on determining the value of the IMF loan".
It is noted that the Iraqi Parliament had earlier finished the first reading of the General Federal budget, the Committee emphasized that financial balance amounted to 83 trillion dinars and a deficit of 23 trillion dinars.