The sale of land to citizens contribute plug balancing 2016

/Continue/Baghdad news between Economist Manaf jeweler to sell plots of land for State citizens contribute to attract savings and plug diagram in next year's budget, as well as the reconstruction and construction sector in the country.
Goldsmith said in an interview with disciple "Baghdad news" that "general budget for next year does not take into account the reliance that would reduce deficits diagram where", pointing out that "it is possible to rewrite the budget consideration Parliament introduces a new set of proposals as selling part of State funds including residential plots that could attract the savings of its citizens and the movement of construction and reconstruction and to attract the workforce in a relatively short period".

He added that "we cannot minimize the objectives set budget but loves financed through deficit chart", adding that "deficit budget planning pessimistic and could end up a public deficit lower than expected as in the current year".
He said that "If oil prices rose above $ 45 a barrel, meaning more of the price subject on the budget will be transferred to the emergency reserve, which finances investment projects reluctant".