Mutual accusations among the deputies about the events toskhermato

Baghdad news/Haidar alamshani observer of recent events affecting the Kurdistan territory find the corner of the separation procedure, especially after all the Kurdish factions failed to reach the exit crisis Presidency region, despite numerous meetings and conferences, Barzani's popularity began to decline and the region did not induce even as popular support was advocated in the past, these events have made the Presidency of the region find a way and get back to what it situation by five months, perhaps austh Altos events confirmed speculation and accusations some of Barzani as deliberate hand for any foreign crisis that aims to bring the views of the Interior for the territory, which began to exclude Massoud opponents to accept this idea, which they described as baseless and totally unacceptable.

Where the excluded Member of the Kurdistan Alliance mp for the change to be Shirin Reza altous case contrived by the Presidency of the territory, and in an interview said it singled out "Baghdad news" that has happened in altous came spontaneously "as a reaction not only", and that the reference to the fingers on Massoud Barzani, illogical, Reza stressed that things are solved in legal form, especially after federal police forces went to the area to establish security, noting that Parliament is waiting for the opinion of the reference by matter and certainly will View bookmark is the clutch but we hope to resolve this issue through peaceful legal.
Meanwhile, among the Kurdish former mp shwan Taha told with "Baghdad newsletter" altos issue wasn't planned, and any talk about Kurdish interest by fabricating this crisis is totally unacceptable, especially because the Kurds in a trench one of the threat to the country, so I cannot accept these allegations, Taha assured the waiting for the opinion of religious reference in this regard in order to emerge from the crisis to the satisfaction of all parties, accusing some of the crowd of others disciplined afrar events of this being not subject The law even in Baghdad.
With the head block Attorney Haitham Al-jubouri, efficiencies in spending altous that demonstrated "disregard the gang" Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani, "compliment" the Federal Government, and criticized the "shameful silence" for the Baghdad Government, the Deputy Salahuddin province on "corruption and sabotage" of the judiciary, and expressed surprise at provide "congratulations on fake chart feats", said in a statement seen "Baghdad news", that "what happened in altous demonstrated reckless gang of Masood and favour the Federal Government and her courtesy at the expense of innocent civilians They fought daash and keep their town for Massoud's henchmen come and "I also call them corrupt and killing and sabotage".

Political analyst Imad Al-hamidawi also gets to spend altos not coincidence, but was planned by the Presidency of the region in order to attract the attention of the children of the region and get popular for Massoud after fell during the recent period, hamidawi also speaking for "Baghdad news" said, it was expected to happen some time, but this time coinciding with Sinjar as Peshmerga forces claimed they are freed of the judiciary indicating that by territory is still Longitudinal in those areas.
Saw spend altous, armed clashes between the peshmerga and the crowd of Turkmenistan have resulted in deaths and injuries number not known and damaged many houses and buildings.