House of Rep's will discuss a draft of the amnesty law (Minutes from today's session)
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Thread: House of Rep's will discuss a draft of the amnesty law (Minutes from today's session)

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    House of Rep's will discuss a draft of the amnesty law (Minutes from today's session)

    House of Representatives will discuss a draft of the amnesty law

    Discuss the House of Representatives Minutes thirty-seventh regular, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 239 deputies Saturday 14/11/2015 draft general amnesty law.

    At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Park al-Jubouri, the name of the House of Representatives victories achieved at the hands of the security forces and the Peshmerga, which culminated in the liberalization of Sinjar district of Daash terrorist gangs and accepted by the editor Peggy spend by SPLA forces and the crowd.

    President al-Jubouri denounced behalf of the Council bombings that targeted innocent citizens in Sadr City and the world, calling on the security services vigilance and caution and put capable of maintaining security security plans, declaring denounce the House of Representatives of the terrorist bombings that targeted the Lebanese capital Beirut and the French capital Paris, stressing the solidarity of the Iraqi people with Lebanese peoples and French.

    In another matter, Mr. President of the Council called on those concerned to rectify the events in the city of Tuz and wisdom to overcome the crisis and maintain a community of peace in the city.

    And allergic Council vote on a resolution to ban the media and websites for terrorist groups to while preparing a new version takes into account the views of the ladies and gentlemen members.

    Council resumed debate on the draft of the amnesty law and submitted by the Legal and Human Rights Committees.

    In the interventions of women MPs on the draft law, the MP expressed Hamdiya Husseini support for the demands of the legal committee in Parliament to reduce the exceptions contained in the draft law.

    He called Abdul Kahar Samurai to amend the law and the addition of the name of justice to the oppressed express who did not prove any condemnation against them in addition to providing them with an apology and compensation.

    I suggest MP Hassan Salem failure to extend the resistance within the article on terrorism, calling for the postponement of the law until the liberation of Anbar and Mosul to the picture becomes clearer.

    MP Ahmed electrodes with the exception of red-handed involvement of inclusiveness amnesty law and the exception, not be entertained adding that the problem lies in the investigation process, not at the trial.

    For his part, expressed his deputy Noureddine Ardalan reservation on conditional amnesty contained in the draft law calling for the cancellation of some of the exceptions contained therein.

    MP Ammar Tohme not to the inclusion of crimes related to theft of public money, including money laundering general amnesty

    He urged the Attorney Zana happy on the inclusion of the accused and sentenced to death by the law and reduce their sentences to be carried retrial especially for those who were not the conditions of a fair trial.

    MP fighter Moussawi amend the law and the exclusion of belonging to al Qaeda and all Daash of killing Iraqi citizen a terrorist act of amnesty.

    MP focused Zainab al-Tai on the importance of re-trial to determine the circumstances in which the accused made ​​a confession and then consider the inclusion in the general amnesty.

    The MP Izz al-Din State that many of the detainees were subjected to torture and suits malicious and secret informant, noting that the law came to deal with cases of injustice associated with secret Palmbr but exceptions covered the positives law, calling him back to the relevant committees to review it in accordance with the political agreement.

    He suggested MP Jawad al formation of a Higher Council for the fight against crime and terrorism to achieve security and stability.

    He noted the MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the need to link the amnesty fairly oppressed who have spent years in prison without any charges or evidence.

    For its part, the MP was amazed emotions blessing of the inclusion of the Legal Committee of the charge limits are exceeded within the law and make the punishment of a criminal offense, noting that the Passports Act addressed this issue.

    MP felt Sunrise Alabegi that law a golden opportunity to address the problems that marred the Iraqi judiciary, calling for a separation between the political side and the economic side issues and to emphasize the deterrent measures for financial corruption crimes and the perpetrators of crimes of smuggling antiquities.

    The MP pointed out that Yasser al-Husseini Article 4 terrorism targeted to hit the resistance to the US occupation, calling for the formation of a supreme national body coordination between the House of Representatives and the Supreme Judicial to work on the revision of the previous investigations and justice to those affected.

    MP Khalid al-Asadi legislation law separating civilian and security crimes to achieve equity targets in the bill.

    He noted the MP Mohammed Naji to the importance of the bill and fragmentation Ranked according to the charge and the case.

    In turn, MP Jamal Ahmed stressed the importance of reducing the exceptions in the law as much as possible steps to achieve national reconciliation.

    He called MP Abboud al-Issawi to take into account the tribal conciliation between the complainant and the defendant to be complementary to the amnesty.

    She drew MP Nora Albjara to the need to clarify some of the paragraphs within the law and to identify classified especially with regard to the type of weapons or tools.

    And demanded the MP Hanan al drafted the law carefully to ensure that the interests of society on the one hand and justice to the oppressed on the other.

    The MP Hisham al-Suhail said the National Reconciliation Commission will send its proposals on the draft law to the Legal Committee, noting that the law being emptied of its content requires judicial review of most of the crimes and the separation of civil crimes and crimes of terrorism.

    The MP Ribawar Taha said the purpose of the law must be effective in order to take advantage of it with the need to do right and to prevent criminals take advantage of it.

    In its response to the interventions of the Committee on noted the importance of the separation of illegal actions or violations of the law with Maasdr of law for a general amnesty being erase the crime and the sentence, and forgives the largest possible number of crimes and excludes some of them noting that the bill was received from the government, pointing to the need to reconsider law.

    The Commission explained that the re-trial of the accused as stated in the bill comes to avoiding some cases contained within Article 4 terrorism, expressing its willingness to hold dialogue sessions to resolve the issue covered by the substance of terrorism in order to ensure that the launch of blood on their release with the blood of Iraqis and address some of the articles of the law.

    President al-Jubouri, and the face of the Legal Committee of the introduction of the observations of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives that will resume the discussion after the search key legislative issues with the heads of parliamentary committees.

    Mr. Jubouri and read out a statement on the occasion of Solidarity Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which announced his blocks and political figures, stressing the importance of women take political role, which is guaranteed by the laws and the laws of Islam and to work on the formation of a supreme body of the Iraqi Women, as well as the need to put the government in front of a big responsibility to protect Iraqi women and dignity and activate the constitutional provisions which ensure that the child and women, social and health security.

    The statement noted the need to internationalize the suffering of Iraqi women Matardt at the hands of terrorist Daash, recalling the role of the late Mr. Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, who said on day against violence against women.

    The Council decided to postpone incorporating the subject of integration of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of health tourism culture to the next session.

    Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 11/17/2015

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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