He called for the creation of local ports to pay off the budget deficit. Khatib Juma Baghdad criticizes the absence of licensing rounds the final budget accounts

Baghdad/follow-up to the Orient: the preacher and kushal Baghdad Mr. Rasul Al-yasiri in Friday prayers, an important message for all officials, especially Prime Minister to turn to the words of religious reference and she is taken into account, review the customizations to be of priority for the revitalization of agriculture and industry, saying that one of the reasons for economic decline in Iraq is oil licensing rounds, calling for the creation of local ports to pay the projected deficit in the budget and keep away from external borrowing, criticized the absence of the final accounts for the previous year. Mr. Messenger said yassiri from the rostrum of the mosque in Baghdad's Al-Mansur Rahman's religious authority Sheikh Mohamed yaacoubi, the qualities of the faithful advice human must not opinionated reeling and not admired by the sanest people collect people's minds to the mind, and has experimented with the responsible authorities reference it better than guided to the right path and also tried to resist her official lost commissioned sleeve that I got things to collapse in a wide area of the country and the economy and the country's services, we Here we send an important message All officials, especially Prime Minister to turn to the words of religious reference and she took into consideration». Ravi called «review customizations to be priority to revitalize agriculture and industry to contribute to providing additional revenue to balance and must take preventive action by reconsidering the basis of the average price of oil, reduced from $ 45 to $ 35 because of strong indications of continued low oil prices in the world market, especially given that the expected oil export will not come true for political and technical reasons and it specialists said. Al-yasseri considered that none of the reasons for the country's economic downturn is licensing rounds for oil companies, the cost of extracting oil from Iraq for companies operating in very expensive licensing rounds, including clarification that medical services for civil servants and Enterprise Architects awarded those licenses is at the expense of Iraq, travel as well as on Iraq and usually they choose travel charge and be going on expensive hotels in the Gulf are paid by Iraq add to the cost of the same oil production even working professionals and observers said the economic cost of Barrel arrived twenty weak gesture before licensing rounds, and this is why we have to reject the signature of those tours, he was accused of rejecting her in that period who wants the progress wheel oil economy and take it to the owner of the tour finished today after wasted time and money understood bad those tours. He invited Jesse to find local outlets for repayment The expected shortfall and keep away from external borrowing, which entail harsh conditions might strain the Iraqi economy for long periods and is what alerted him religious reference. Yaseri said Iraqi economy resources encourage savings for citizens by increasing benefits for providing liquidity to State and create investment opportunities for citizens to encourage them to move towards the optional savings». Yassiri stressed that it is very necessary to cut unnecessary expenditure and covering essential supplies available from previous years and submit the final accounts for the past year by 2016 budget debate to determine the actual expenses and identify necessary than what is necessary in order to assess the actual capacity of ministries and efficient disbursement of customizations. Al-yasseri, criticized the absence of final accounts, the absence of accounts will make the expenditure estimates for the coming year we are fuzzy and public need to determine realistic estimates of what the State needs to spend so not burdened the budget deficits drastically, the wearer will haunt the Government lies with the citizen and this is what we have seen over the past periods.